Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How Can Hemp Save The Gulf of Mexico?

It's been reported that the corn boom could expand the ‘dead zone’ deeper into the Gulf.
According to the Associated Press on MSNBC-TV:

"The dead zone typically begins in the spring and persists into the summer. Its size and location vary each year because of currents, weather and other factors, but it is generally near the mouth of the Mississippi.

This year, it is the third-biggest on record. It was larger in 2002 and 2001, when it covered 8,500 and 8,006 square miles respectively.

Soil erosion, sewage and industrial pollution also contribute to the dead zone, but fertilizer is believed to be the chief factor.

Fertilizer causes explosive growth of algae, which then dies and sinks to the bottom, where it sucks up oxygen as it decays. This creates a deep layer of oxygen-depleted ocean where creatures either escape or die."

Hemp bio fuel can help restore life to the Gulf of Mexico's dead zone.
How? Hemp, an effective, clean energy source does not need pesticides to grow. The removal of pesticides used in growing corn by growing hemp instead would remove the cause of the over 8,000 square miles of "dead zone" recorded in the Gulf.
We are killing the Gulf with our policy that's investing in corn energy, rather than safe, effective, clean low cost hemp bio fuel. The situation is too stupid for words.

The United States federal government is now, 50 years into the global warming drama, recommending we use a food source, corn, to make bio fuel for energy. The result, the Gulf has a record size dead zone, a place where nothing can live. Food prices are rocketing because we are using our main food source for energy. The green back is a pale shade of yellow in light of $100 a gallon toxic energy price.

That's just stupid.
Let's go back to Hemp 101 and Save Ourselves
Written by Willie & Amy Nelson

Because toxic chemicals are not required for hemp's growth or processing, no toxic chemicals from corn growth, the cause of the dead zone, are released into the Gulf.

Hemp is a sturdy, wind pollinated weed that grows wild in nature. Despite the illusion of industrial, medical and leisure hemp use, simply, hemp is one plant in various grades. Hemp is relatively easy to grow, can grow up to 4 crops a year, and is four times more energy efficient than corn as bio fuel.

Hemp oil burns clean and can do anything toxic gasoline does (except kill us - zero deaths from hemp - ever). Hemp oil can also be used in plastics. If you have not yet checked out Zelfo, see what hemp plastics can do for you.

Hemp pellets burn clean in power plants. In California there are over 30 such energy plants ready to burn hemp bio fuel. Unlike nuclear, there is no danger of a hemp meltdown.

Hemp is the Lord's solar collector that transforms solar rays into 50,000+ useful products including strong building materials, paper, fabric, oil, food, etc. Hemp converts sunlight into clean energy to run our cars and heat/cool our homes, etc.

Hemp, solar, hydro, wind, magnetic and other 100% clean energy sources that don't pollute the land, water or air are the only energies that should be legal. That which is toxic should be immediately outlawed for energy use. Our lives depend on this radical, though simple change.

Hemp would help restore the family farm, especially if we deeded family farmers a portion of unused federal land for the purposes of growing hemp. The federal government could make available at least 10% of federal land (approximately 65 million acres) for the purposes of growing hemp. The ancillary resource material can empower a lot of small businesses and job opportunities, "Hemportunities," like the transformations from "drug dealer" to tax paying "Hemp Merchant."

P L E A S E!!! Do what you can to shift energy policy away from toxic practices and onto safe, clean energy sources, including with hemp.

Any energy policy that includes toxic energy should be vetoed at the citizens level.

For more information on how to use hemp to help solve the problem of Global Warming I urge you to read HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION by Richard M. Davis, Founder and Curator of the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing. Read that book like your life depends on it. It does!

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