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This is an all-out emergency appeal for $1 million dollars to get legalization of marijuana and hemp on the ballot in California. I am a hemp expert that can supply you with lots of reasons why this would be money well spent both for the economy and the environment. Jack Herer, hemp activist and author of HEMP & THE MARIJUANA CONSPIRACY: The Emperor Wears No Clothes, is circulating the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2008 or CCHHI 2008.

I believe that this initiative presents a unique opportunity for the state to come to grips with the question of hemp and marijuana legalization and put the federal government on notice that this is the wave of the future. $1 million will save California AT MINIMUM 30 to 80 million dollars. The “Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Savings in the several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments, which would no longer incur the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders” (As printed on the initiative). Hemp activist the late B.E. Smith in his run for CA Governor in 2004 estimated this savings to be $1 billion dollars.

I have just written a book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A Global Warming Solution. We are in an atmospheric emergency and this initiative could address global warming directly by allowing the growing of hemp – lots of hemp. CCHHI could give California a leg up on other states in developing hemp as a carbon resource. I look at the climate crisis as an opportunity to recycle the main greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) using hemp. All that oil, coal and natural gas we burn daily and have for decades went into the atmosphere. Plants breathe in CO2 and give off O2 (oxygen) which animals (including humans) breathe in. Plants use this CO2 to build structure and root and seed. The hemp plant is the best in the world at this recycling, producing 10-18 green tons to the acre of hemp fiber and hemp wood.

The world is waiting for the United States to join them in developing a solution to the climate emergency. CCHHI 2008 would send a message around the world that California has a workable solution to global warming. You will ask; how we do this with hemp?

Easy, hemp makes fuel. Anybody interested? Here is how that works. The farmer grows 100 acres of hemp wood that produces 500 dry tons and makes 100,000 gallons of methanol or ethanol which is burned in a car or power plant and ends up in the atmosphere. But if the farmer grows 100 acres of hemp wood the next year that 100,000 gallons worth of CO2 is recycled into hemp wood, and a cycle is set up with a fuel that does not contribute to global warming. Even synthetic gasoline can be made from hemp.

If those 500 tons of hemp are used for paper, building materials, plastics, etc., that carbon stays out of the atmosphere and global warming is reduced. Something that could happen this year or next.

Fossil fuels are a one way street to disaster. To really do all we can we need CCHHI now. We could plant next year. Get the seed from Canada, Europe, Russia, China or dozens of other countries where hemp is legal to grow.

Let’s get back to the $1 million dollars.

This is an emergency and an emergency that affects the entire planet and we can put California in the spotlight with hemp. Maybe some astute professional fundraiser, or a save the world concert, or a million one dollar contributions, but these things take time and the clock is ticking.

There is one alternative that given the importance of our argument must be tried. That is to have the legislature or the governor put the CCHHI on the ballot as is. The legislature needs a two thirds vote to place an initiative on the ballot, and the governor can do this without the legislature. And there is a good reason for doing this. The Attorney General has produced a summary for CCHHI as required by law, which totally misrepresents the hemp part of the initiative and makes no mention of the billions of dollars in revenue from a revved up economy based on hemp.

The people of California have already OK’d Cannabis for medicine which is an industrial use, by 57%. There is no more important task everyday than being vigilant about freedom. We need to put hemp back in the free market where it belongs. And farmers are more apt to accept hemp now that medical marijuana is legal in California. The people need to do this; we hold more power than our State Government and are less likely to be overturned by the Feds. Remember Prop. 215!

Sure you say, OK it’s on the ballot now how do we get the people to pass it. Easy, show them the money. And make the presidential contenders talk about the initiative when they come to California. In California the people hold all the power, and that power is best expressed through the initiative process. This is called direct democracy and it is powerful. Do you realize that after 10 years of legal medical marijuana in California the federal government has not challenged our law directly in the courts?

The CCHHI gets to the nitty-gritty of the matter, the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are invoked in the initiative to assume to California citizens the right to challenge the federal hemp prohibition. These two amendments say the people can take away from the federal government anything not enumerated in the Federal Constitution. Nothing in the federal Constitution gives the federal government control over agriculture, and this could easily be won back to the people of California. Control over agriculture was only given to the feds through the taxing power - not as an enumerated or constitutional power.

I’m not a lawyer, but after 10 years, I’ve got to believe if they could have overturned our medical marijuana law, they would have. And after ten years can’t we now celebrate the demise of the prohibition which lasted 70 years before the people of California voted to crack it wide open. The feds are holding on to their lies and acting like thugs. They walk into Cannabis clubs steal the money and medicine and leave. They deprive the people of California of billions of dollars of economic power with hemp.

The people of California would call that terrorism. Section IV of CCHHI: “Pursuant to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, the people of California hereby repudiate and challenge Federal cannabis hemp marijuana prohibitions that conflict with this Act.”

Hemp was called the new billion dollar crop in 1938. For $1million dollars we can bring that $1 trillion dollar crop to California. We need to grow as much as possible to trap carbon out of the atmosphere in hemp paper, hemp building materials, hemp textiles, hemp fuel, food, medicine, and legal recreational marijuana for adults.

It is time to ask everyone. I understand a few billionaires did this for medical marijuana. They paid professional signature collectors and they did the job. I was a part of the 1994 Hemp Initiative and we did not get the job done with volunteers. And it’s too important to leave to chance.

California needs that check soon. I have asked Presidential Candidate Ron Paul who understands the hemp emergency to spend his campaign funds here in California to the tune of $1 million dollars for CCHHI. No reply yet, but his ability to raise $6 million in a day puts him in the running.

Ron Paul & Hemp for American Farmers

The clock is ticking. Let’s get marijuana and hemp out of the war on drugs.

Richard M. Davis, Curator USA Hemp Museum

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