Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hemp Plus Ministry Opened - Rev. Murdered

Artist Statement: "This is the first day Hemp Plus Ministry opened. Just weeks later Rev.Les Crane was murdered in his home in Laytonville CA. Anyone with information please come forward. The day before he was killed he made sure that the food bank would have enough turkeys for everyone the next day on thanksgiving. RIP Les"

"Pot Guru Slain During Home Invasion
Laura Clark | The Willits News | 11/23/2005

Les Crane, 39, owner of Mendo Spiritual Remedies in Laytonville and Hemp Plus Ministry in Ukiah, was shot to death at his Laytonville home early Friday morning.

Mendocino County Sheriffs Detective Commander D.J. Miller said Crane was killed about 2:30 a.m. in the home invasion. The investigation has disclosed it appears to be robbery motivated. An undisclosed amount of currency and processed marijuana was stolen, Miller said."

Again, anyone with any information please share it with the Hemp Plus Ministry.