Thursday, January 22, 2009

Barack Obama Smoked Hemp

Please tell President Barack Obama to end hemp prohibition and use the plant to generate a substantial tax income.

Marijuana Two-Minute Truths: The Truth About Marijuana Rehab (MPP-TV)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The War On Drugs - The Chronic



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Marc Emery's Cannabis Culture Headquarters in Vancouver, BC

The above webeo is about the great store owned by the Hemp Hero Marc Emery, founder of Pot-TV and Cannabis Culture.


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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Funniest Video On YouTube - The Weed Song

When the goal is to fix the economy, the solution is to end hemp prohibition.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Questions - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer

The people are talking about hemp, but not the government. That has got to change because the government is suppose to reflect the Will of the People, not the other way around.

Here's the list of questions from Jack Herer's piece Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV . Jack is filling in the blanks with hempsters answering the questions, awesome folks who are using hemp to empower their lives. We're blessed with Jack Herer, who inspired Richard M. Davis, the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum and millions of others.

Here's the questions asked. It's amazing how many, as demonstrated, have hemp as the answer. Comments are in ( )

1. What does the group perceive as the biggest problem in the health care system?

(Effective hemp medicine is illegal and toxic medicine is legal. It is illegal to grow hemp foods, but genetically modified foods are legal).

2. How do attendees choose a doctor or hospital?

(Qualifications - know your grower - medical hemp helps manage disease at the level of cause, stress and effect, illness.)

3. Where do attendees get information in making that decision?

(Experience, common sense and research. Richard M. Davis is almost ready to release his ground breaking work HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB which shatters the myth about medical hemp research. It's a great walk through the medical wing of the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing.)

4. Should public policy promote quality health care providers?

(Public policy should promote quality health empowerment from the first to the last moments of life. Non toxic hemp foods, medical hemp, hemp's environmental healing abilities, and more are positive impacts we can experience by adding hemp to our health empowerment system.)

5. Have attendees or their family members experienced difficulty paying medical bills?


6. How can policy makers address this problem?

(End hemp prohibition now! Finance the restoration of the family farm to grow hemp. Help coordinate markets and set quality standards. Tax medical and lower grades at standard sales tax rates, and recreational grades of hemp at 20%. Use that money to solve problems like financing universal health care. Let there be departments of Hemp in Commerce, Agriculture and Health, Education & Welfare. Tap Cong. Dr. Ron Paul for medical hemp.)

7. In addition to employer based coverage, would the group like the option to purchase a private plan through an insurance-exchange or a public plan like Medicaid?

(Medical coverage needs to be financed by the recreational hemp tax while reducing the need for health care. In addition to hemp, the old "water cure" or hydrotherapy, meditation and other alternatives should be considered. Employers have enough to deal with and would prosper more if the job of health care went to the medical community, financed by tax revenue.)

8. Do attendees know how much they or their employer pays for health insurance?

(Yes. None.)

9. What should employers role be in a reformed health care system?

(Take a pro citizen stance for the government to provide health empowerment. Business needs to can focus on building their commerce. They can share what they save on health care as a health cash - vitamins, meditation classes, gym memberships, safe driving and anger management class - dividend to employees.)

10. Were attendees familiar with the types of preventative services Americans should receive?

(Yes - hemp.)

11. Had attendees gotten the recommended government services?

(No - not receiving government services - not applied.)

12. If not, how can public policy help?

(Public policy can end hemp prohibition immediately. Use the web to promote hemp, exercise, hydration, good nutrition and other healthy elements. )

13. How can public policy promote healthier lifestyles?

(Re-incorporate hemp into healing.)

So let's add this specific question to the list.

14. How can hemp help us turn our health care crisis into a health empowerment system?

For more information on hemp please visit Jack Herer's site and come by the USA Hemp Museum too.

Jack Herer Expanding The Health Care Discussion

Thank you Jack Herer and his series Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV on how hemp can help us solve our health care crisis. While President Obama is trying to solve the health care crisis, I have not heard the word hemp used as a solution, which makes me ask the question, what health care discussion?

We've made an effective, natural medicine illegal and wonder why we have problems with our health care system.

Any health care discussion that does not include an in depth element of affordable medical hemp, plus hemp foods, are but do not find. Though hemp is the number one topic on there is still a deafening silence on the subject on ending hemp prohibition as a solution to our problems from many elected and appointed officials.

Stress kills and medical grades and higher of hemp reduces stress. The health problems that come from the resulting stress of almost a million people in jail for interacting with a plant I don't know how to calculate. The implementation of a 20% on recreational grades of hemp tax would provide a large revenue source to pay for universal health care, plus solve other problems.

Other aspects of hemp and health should include non-toxic hemp building materials and fabrics.

TELL PRESIDENT OBAMA, LET OUR HEMP GO!!! Health empowerment system, helping folks live their best lives, is the shift that's needed.

Here's the webeo below.

Part 1 - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV

Part 2 - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV

Part 3 - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV

Part 4 - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV

Part 5 - Obama-Biden Health Care Discussion - Jack Herer TV

Dr. James Ketchum - Author of "Chemical Warfare Secrets Almost Forgotten"

Jacqueline Patterson - California Medical Marijuana Patient

President Obama
Jack Herer
USA Hemp Museum

Monday, January 5, 2009

Ideas for Change in America Hemp Finalists

Here's a note from, President Barack Obama (I love writing that) Ideas for Change in America site. It's about the ideas with the largest number of votes concerning hemp.

Please visit and and vote to end hemp prohibition. Let them know that the way to solve our problems now is to end hemp prohibition immediately, and apply a fair tax to the plant, while encouraging growth in the industry.

For more information on hemp, please visit the USA Hemp Museum, Richard M. Davis, Founder, Curator and an awsome hempologist.

"We’re happy to let you know that the final round of voting for the Ideas for Change in America competition begins today, and 2 of the ideas you voted for have qualified for the final round!

Voting has been reset to zero for the final round, so each of these ideas needs your vote again. You may vote for a total of 10 ideas. Here are the ideas you voted for that qualified for the final round and need your support:

Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana

The War On Drugs has Failed- Decriminalize Marijuana

....The final round of voting ends on January 15, and the following day we are co-hosting an event at the National Press Club with the Case Foundation to announce the top 10 rated ideas and present them to the Obama administration.

We will then launch a national campaign in coordination with our nonprofit partners to ensure that each idea gets the full consideration of the administration and 111th Congress.

To select your "Top 10 Ideas for America," go to today. We look forward to seeing you on the site! - The Team

Saturday, January 3, 2009

BostonFreedomRally.Com: Celebrating the First Day of Marijuana Decrim in Weymouth, Massachusetts

"A civil fine is no crime."

Let the greedy government have the money.

I just want my hemp.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Legalization of Marijuana Public's Number ONE Issue on Change.Gov website

Time for real change.

TELL OBAMA, LET OUR HEMP GO!!! He will be our president, not our master. We The People have voted hemp legal in the vast majority of states where it's been on the ballot. In the 2008 election, hemp won in 9 out of 10 states where it was on the ballot.

Let's follow through and end hemp prohibition. Tax recreational hemp at 20% and we will be wondering what to do with all the extra money.

For more on hemp I urge you to visit the USA Hemp Museum,