Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rep. Barney Frank (MA): Marijuana, Politics & State's Rights

Thank you Rep. Barney Frank for this bill, H. R. 5842.

Here's hoping the 110th Congress can do what the 107th (H,R.1344 & H.R. 2592), 108th (H.R. 2233) and the 109th (H.R. 2087), among other restoring the Will of the People bills like the Industrial Hemp Farming Acts of 2005 and 2007, could not do.

Richard M. Davis, founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum , a private museum with a virtual wing, is releasing the second book in his series HEMP FOR VICTORY called WONDER HERB this summer. This book is a breathtaking look from doctors, lawyers, patients and politicians on the subject of how to use medical hemp and why.

Legalize hemp, tax recreational hemp at 20%.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Our government is engaged in an abomination.

Thank you Montel Williams. God Bless you and the rest of the hemp legalization movement.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hemp, A Great Renewable Energy

The USA Hemp Museum gives thanks to Senator Barack Obama for this great speech on renewable energy. Senator Obama is in tune with modern times as demonstrated by his sponsorship of an Industrial Hemp bill when he was a state senator.

It's time for us to put hemp more into our conversation. Like the Hemp For Victory program, hemp can help us solve our problems now.

We need a new test for energy we use. Is it clean? Is is non-toxic, environmentally supportive? Is is economically empowering? Oil, nuclear and coal energies fail those tests. Hemp biofuel, solar, wind, hydro, magnetic and other free and non toxic energy sources pass the test. It's a simple shift to the same energy sources that power the universe.

Hemp is a biomass champion as a renewable energy. Anything toxic oil can do, hemp seed oil can do better. A flex-fuel conversion kit on a vehicle would allow a quick transfer off of toxic energy. The change could be done within a year if the product flow is coordinated. The same companies that are selling us products that are killing us, can enter into the more profitable renewable energy market and make money without the high energy transportation costs.

Hemp pellets can be used to produce electricity. California has many power plants ready to burn hemp, it's just illegal to grow in the United States.

Hemp is four times more efficient than corn as biofuel. Though hemp is also an excellent food source, using hemp as part of a coordinated energy policy for fuel would not impact on the cost of other products.

Hemp can grow up to 4 crops a year and grows indoors and out.

Hemp can help heal the damages of global warming caused by too much CO2 in the air, regardless of the source. Hemp breathes in excess CO2 as it grows and turns that material into a raw resource that can be made into over 50,000 products. We're proposing at least 10% of unused federal land be granted to family farmers financed out of the Department of Agriculture to engage in large scale coordinated government.


For more information on how hemp can help us solve our problems please visit the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing, Richard M. Davis, founder, curator and author of the powerful, insightful book, HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hemp House Built In Ireland

Added to Youtube: April 08, 2008

First completed hemp building in Ireland Clones, County Monaghan

Owner: Marcus McCabe, environmentalist and proprietor of Ecoflow

ReedbedsBuilder/Construction Manager, jointly:

The Oldbuilders Company and Eco Habitats

Ecological Consultant: Professor Tom Woolley, of Queens University Belfast

Designer: Henry O'D Thompson of The Oldbuilders Company

Lime mortar Consultant: Ed Byrne, The Traditional Lime Company

Other acknowledgements

This small hemp building is built similar to a standard timber frame house with a mix of hemp shiv and hydraulic lime structured around the timber. Finish is with a Lime rendering inside and out. Such building methods have the ability to be CO2 negative for the construction and result in a healthy breathable energy saving home. This 42 sq meter building is to be used as office space.

For further information please contact 086 8236451, or Eco Habitats on 07842276.

For more information on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing, Richard M. Davis, founder, curator and author of HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

Renewable Energy - Hemp Biofuel

We've made nature, hemp, illegal and wonder why we have a problem with the environment.

The phrase 'renewable biofuels' is finally being spoken by folks in leadership positions with force. Yet, we're not hearing the word hemp. That should change because we need to start planting on a grand scale to save ourselves.

The current strategy of using food for fuel is stupid. Hemp biofuel can be an effective part of a energy strategy and has the high standards of clean, safe, non toxic and in cases where the after market justifies the reduction, free energy sources like solar, magnetic, hydro, wind and algee.

Here's the wise step. Use hemp as a tool to solve our problems.

Hemp is a biomass champion that is an excellent, non toxic, four times more efficient than corn biofuel.

Hemp grows up to 4 crops a year in the right climate, which can include indoor growing powered by hemp biofuel / biomass.

There are 50,000 plus uses for the remaining parts of the hemp plant after excess CO2 removal as it grows. As oil for gas to power everything from motor bikes, to rockets, to making electricity hemp can do anything crude can do, only better. As a food source, hemp can help address the in process and projected food crisis.

We must change from toxic to non toxic building materials. Hemp building materials are key in that change.

All laws must be altered to allow wholesale hemp growing now.

A government coordinated project manager type assistance could use this resource to create abundance and wealth for all people.

Hemp can help rebuild devastated areas quickly from restoring burnt soil with its up to six foot root system, to being able to pour "hempcrete" (hemp cement) housing for people suffering from a loss of their homes due to global warming and other environmental crisis.

So, when the problem is an excess of CO2, the solution is to remove the excess CO2. Hemp does that like a champ.

When the problem is dislocated populations due to environmental crisis, the solution is to provide non toxic housing that can be quickly constructed with strong, durable hemp products.

When the problem is a shortage of food, the solution is to provide an abundance of food, i.e. delicious and nutritious hemp foods that can be grown quickly in many climates, including indoors.

Hemp For Victory.

For more information about how to use hemp to help us solve our problems and improve our lives, visit the USA Hemp Museum,, a private museum with a virtual wing, Richard M. Davis, founder, curator.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Willie Nelson: Hemp and the Family Farm

When the rest of us were smokin' Weed in the 60's Willie Nelson was teaching folks about the benefits of hemp and how it could help save our planet and ourselves.
Thank you Willie Nelson, .
We love you here at the USA Hemp Museum,

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bill Richardson On Hemp

Based on his ample support of hemp legalization, we recommend Bill Richardson as Vice President on the Senator Barack Obama presidential ticket.

Here's a few pieces we found on Democratic Governor and presidential candidate Bill Richardson concerning hemp, i.e. medical marijuana.

Governor Richardson has taken heroic steps in his state, New Mexico to stop arresting sick people for using hemp.

We recommend that Governor Richardson and others visit the USA Hemp Museum, and work together with the Museum's curator Richard M. Davis to implement hemp as the real change required to save our nation and the world.

They can talk about how hemp is listed in the PDR Herbal edition as a herb that shrinks tumors and stops asthma attacks.

This information should be in the speaking of all pro hemp candidates on a daily basis.

Richard's written one of those "Read this like your life depends on it, it does!" books called HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION which explains how to use hemp to solve the problem of global warming.

Here's a few of the webeos we found concerning Governor Bill Richardson and hemp.

Gov. Richardson urges Gov. Lynch to protect patients

Bill Richardson on Medical Marijuana Raids

Bill Richardson says 'The War on Drugs Is not Working'

Sunday, June 1, 2008

VT Governor Douglas to allow hemp bill to become law without signing it

Another Hemp For Victory move has come from the state of Vermont, which legalized the growing of Industrial Hemp.

Though the solutions to global warming and our failing economy are illegal, the state of Vermont has joined the ranks of souls taking a stand to legalize hemp.

Thanks to the people of the State of Vermont for joining other states who are putting the will of the people ahead of the will of the government.


May 30, 2008

MONTPELIER, Vt.—Gov. Jim Douglas will allow a bill that would remove the state law barring the raising of industrial hemp to become law without his signature.

Douglas spokesman Jason Gibbs says the governor regards the bill as "a do-nothing bill" and insignificant, because federal law will continue to prohibit the cultivation of hemp.

Hemp is of the same species as marijuana, but comes from a different part of the plant and the plants are cultivated differently.

Law enforcement officials had objected to the bill, while backers praised hemp as the source of a food additive, an oil used in beauty products, and fiber used in textiles, building materials and fuel.

The governor can allow a bill to become law by forwarding it to the secretary of state without his signature.