Friday, August 15, 2014

Hemp Hero Dr. Jeri Rose - Setting The Record Straight

There is so much mis-information in the modern marijuana movement it's scary some days.  Some folks are profiting handsomely while many of the folks who have been working on this issue for decades are thrown out like old dishwater, called greedy and frauds.  This post is to help set the record straight about hemp hero Dr. Jeri Rose, whose contributed money, skills, ideas, organizational talents, etc. for decades and now lied on terribly by someone who obviously does not know her.  

I was reading an article called Narc vs. Narc about the players in the modern medical marijuana game.  I tried posting in the comments section but they refuse to put up my comments in response to the slanderous remarks posted there which can be summarized in one sentence.

“Therefore, Dr. Rose you are a fraud and greedy like the rest of the greedy tribe you are with. You were not even born when we started this movement.” Madeleine Johnson

Here's Madeleine's full post - by the way the man's name,who pioneered Dr. Rose's support in many ways during the last century too, is Jack Herer:

"Shame on you to use Jack Here name. You are not honoring him. If you honored him then his wife, Jeanne Here would not be suffering today. Not one dime of your so called Jack Here Honore money is going toward helping her. The Pioneers should not be the only one to keep her out of poverty. Therefore, Dr. Rose you are a fraud and greedy like the rest of the greedy tribe you are with. You were not even born when we started this movement. In addition you need to take classes from Dr. Abrams at US Berkley to learn the truth about Medical Marihuana.[Historical Note - Dr. Lester Grinspoon has been a marijuana doctor since the 1960's and Dr. Abrams did not graduate from med school until 1977] Dr. Abrams is the real Pioneer doctor of Medical Marihuana and we’ll recognized by the Federal Goverment. You on the other hand is a Quack."

Below is the response (a couple of grammatical corrections from the original) that has not yet been approved by the folks who published the article at The Green Pulpit Narc vs. Narc on July 16, 2014. 

'You must not know about Dr. Jeri Rose.  What “we” are you referring to who started this movement since it began with the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937? Since Dr. Rose has been consulted with frequently by many movers and shakers in the medical and industrial marijuana movements, how is she a fraud?  Dr. Rose has not charged anyone I know of in the movement for her constant, accurate advice, so how is she greedy?

I thank God for haters because it’s usually the step before they become appreciators.  The work and other contributions of Dr. Jeri Rose is legendary among many hemp researchers.

Dr. Rose is a hemp activist since 1989 where she worked to get the hemp message onto national television three years in a row by marching in the Doo Dah Parade in 1989, 1990 and 1991.  I’ve known Dr. Rose since 1999 when we met working with Sister Somayah Kambui producing the first Los Angeles Million (now Global) Marijuana March.  Dr. Rose was instrumental in helping Sister Somayah research and organize Somayah’s work with medical marijuana and sickle cell.  Somayah was able to double her life expectancy using marijuana to help manage her sickle cell.  Their work got sickle cell listed on Prop. 215’s list of approved medical conditions for medical marijuana with Somayah’s life standing as proof of the “theory”. Dr. Rose remained an adviser to Somayah way beyond the point of Somayah being the first acquittal of marijuana charges under Prop. 215.

Over the years, I've witnessed since 1999 Dr. Rose has helped many independent activists.  Her generosity in various research communities is priceless.  She is NOT a fraud nor greedy.  My experience of her is she has not taken any money for the work she has done for Jack Herer, Richard M. Davis and countless others in the marijuana movement, Dr. Rose is not greedy and she knows her shit.

Dr. Rose has shared insights with me over the years that expanded the research exponentially.  Her brilliance is instrumental in the works;

Even throughout the years of 2005-9 she helped translate formal scientific concepts for the books by the late USA Hemp Museum’s founder and curator, Richard M. Davis

Hemp For Victory:  A Global Warming Solution

Hemp For Victory:  The Wonder Herb

Hemp For Victory: The Trillion Dollar Crop

There are links to the above books as free .pdfs and more that Dr. Rose has been contributing to on the blog page

Keep in mind that’s just the little bit I know about, can testify to from direct experience concerning the impact of her contributions. There are many, many more I’ve only heard of.

In case I failed to make my point, Dr. Jeri Rose is NOT a fraud nor greedy.  She is a good, generous, intelligent soul who has dedicated a large part of her adult life to not only ending the drug war but implementing the hemp solution to many modern problems.  She’s done better than the best she could to accomplish and implement the mission of hemp for victory. I’m learning to accept that for some people no matter what one does it will never be enough.

To understand the greed in the modern marijuana movement, as in has the money and is not sharing it with the folks who helped make it possible resulting in a reality that has some in mansions and others living out of their vans, I suggest a re-read of this excellent article NARC VS. NARC 2: THE CALIFORNIA CANNABIS COUP D’ETAT

Follow the money and please, please, please ask those with funds to support Jeannie HererJeff ClarkDana Beal Consider re-directing the energy put into hating on a soul who gave everything she had in the last century plus, (and is still working the best she can with what she has) into positive steps to end the drug war now. Falsely accusing hemp heroes is a big waste of time and energy.  

BTW Madeleine Johnson, your link is not working, and I recommend folks do a search for your name, marijuana. Thank you for the good works you have done to stop the drug war too. Love and prayers to you and yours.'

The video below is of Dr. Rose at Jack Herer's funeral...runs 3:38.-6:58

I, J. Nayer Hardin, founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad, stand in gratitude for the decades of hard and brilliant work that Dr. Jeri Rose has contributed to what seems today as a no brainer, stopping the drug war and implementing the hemp solution now.