Monday, December 31, 2007

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

George Carlin - Who Really Controls America

George Carlin tells the absolute truth in this ground breaking video about who really controls America. No wonder hemp is illegal. Greed.

The question is what to do about it.

Consider that it's time for a Hemp Tea Party in The Great 8, 2008 at 4:20 daily. For those who already participate in a 4:20, only a spirit of praise for hemp need be amplified.

If your day job gets in the way, set your own :20 time with the understanding that it's 4:20 somewhere in the world.

Hemp teas, foods, parties, writings, etc. also qualify as material for your 4:20.

Don't forget to wear your hemp clothes, body care and materials (i.e. hemp plastics) to carry the spirit throughout the day. It's truly time to overgrow our corrupt government with hemp, to restore balance to the soil of our society.

Like the original Boston Tea Party that set the course for the freedom of a nation, a Hemp Tea Party re-establishes the freedom of We The People, the American population. Freedom for all folks of good will all over the world can happen too with hemp as the foundation for solving problems of housing, food, transportation (hemp is four times more efficient than corn as biofuel) and medicine issues.

The government has no right to tell us how to interact with a plant. NONE. That subject is between The Lord and man.

In the majority of the states where hemp has been on the ballot hemp's been voted legal. It's as though the Will of the Government is more powerful than the Will of the People. That's backwards.

Let's fix this. Start with legalizing hemp.

One of the ways that the folks in control have kept hemp illegal is through a divide and conquer strategy (industrial, medical, leisure).

Get through one hemp bill in the Great 8 that removes government restriction off the hemp plant. Medical and leisure are industries too so all folks supporting hemp need to unite in the passage of one hemp bill in 2008.

We the People, in an effort to save ourselves, must take our power back. Hemp can help, but only if we use it.

Let's use hemp to save ourselves!

Happy New Year. Have a Great 8 and visit the USA Hemp Museum for more information on hemp and the re-building of the successful World War II program HEMP FOR VICTORY to solve our problems.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hemp Initiative 2008 - by Richard M. Davis

There is a new marijuana initiative circulating in the state which would put on the ballot for voter's approval the California Cannabis Hemp & Health Initiative 2008. Right now I want to talk about the title and summary that is prepared by Attorney General Jerry Brown. This summary is what is read by those signing onto the initiative on the street:

The Attorney General of California has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purposes and points of the proposed measure:


Decriminalizes possession, cultivation, transportation, distribution, and use of marijuana or hemp. Provides persons convicted or serving time for non-violent offenses involving marijuana be immediately released from prison, jail, parole, or probation, and be eligible to have their convictions erased. Provides no permit, license, or tax be required for non-commercial cultivation, transportation, distribution, or consumption of marijuana. Allows doctors to prescribe or recommend marijuana to patients, regardless of age. Prohibits testing fro marijuana for employment or insurance purposes. Bars state from aiding enforcement of certain federal marijuana laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Savings in the several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local government, which would no longer incur the costs of incarcerating and supervising certain marijuana offenders. A potential increase of a few million dollars annually in the cost of the state's Drug Medi-Cal substance abuse treatment program. (Initiative 07-0064.)

I went through this before in 1994 with the hemp initiative then. This summary totally misrepresents the initiative. In 1994 we sued the AG to have the age limit put back in the summary. The words of the summary are limited when something is added, something must be deleted, etc. What is important to the AG went into the title and summary, not what is important to the people.


I recommend an immediate suit be filed against the AG for misrepresenting the chief purposes and points of the proposed initiative. In 1994, Chris Conrad and myself filed suit in Sacramento, to change the wording. The summary was changed, but it cost the signature drive two weeks to reprint the new summary and initiative. Still what was I learned in 1994 was that volunteers didn't collect enough signatures and paid collection pro's get the job done fast. Just off the top of my stoned head I would like to propose a more friendly title and summary:

CANNABIS HEMP AND MARIJUANA LEGALIZATION STATUTE OF 2008. Decriminalizes use of marijuana and hemp. Ends marijuana prohibition. Legal Cannabis hemp products for paper, medicine, fuel, food, textiles, recreation, and thousands more uses have a potential of tens of billions of dollars for the California economy. Legal hemp can help with Global Warming. Releases non-violent marijuana offenders from incarceration and erases convictions. Bars state from aiding enforcement of certain federal marijuana laws. Prohibits testing for marijuana for employment or insurance purposes. Allows reasonable state license and taxing standards. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Savings in the several tens of millions of dollars annually to state and local governments in incarceration and supervision costs. Act is pursuant to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Use of Cannabis hemp products for religious or spiritual purposes is made an inalienable right. "All provisions of this Act shall be liberally construed for the accomplishment of these purposes: to respect human rights, to promote tolerance, and to end cannabis hemp prohibition."

I don't doubt that a better summary could be drawn. The CCHHI offers California a way to take the lead in hemp research in the U.S. There is a saying, "as California goes, so goes the nation." We need the U.S. to grow hemp for global warming. This shows the country and the world that we can end the prohibition and free the plant resource. This initiative does the job. No halfway measures here. Legal Cannabis hemp for California. Can North Dakota or Hawaii be far behind?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One Hemp Bill In The Great 8

If you know Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Maurice Hinchey and any other pro hemp person in congress, consider asking them to please present one Hemp Act in 2008. This would have a better chance of passing than our past strategy of industrial, medical, etc.

Why? Because in 2007 we had the Industrial Hemp Farming Act and the Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment. One was lost in committee since 4/20/07 and the other was voted down. Another year wasted when we could be growing crops to support humanity and the environment.

It is time to stop acting like fools and legalize hemp now. Living by the rules of dead people are producing like results. The time to stop killing ourselves is now.

An illusion hemp advocates have been working under is that industrial hemp, medical hemp and hemp as a recreational drug are different things.

In truth, they are different grades of the same plant, hemp.
  • We've made part of nature, hemp, illegal and wonder why we have a problem with the environment.
  • We've made the hemp peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have a problem violence and war.
  • We've made an easily renewable plant resource material illegal to grow and wonder why we have a problem with our economy.
  • We've made inexpensive, effective hemp medicine illegal and wonder why we have a health care crisis.
Medicine is an industry. If you don't believe me, be broke, uninsured and sick at the same time and see how much medicine is an industry.

So is leisure an industry, as demonstrated by the town of Las Vegas.

This "separate the hemp plant" strategy creates 3 times as much scattered work to get the courts out of the fields. Divide and conquer.

The solution is to unify and propose one hemp bill in the Great 8. One hemp bill, or a nature re-legalization bill, would remove all unreasonable restrictions of human interaction with plants. It would also eliminate the expensive, duplicate work that has to be done to get a bill passed.

In unity is strength.

What do you think?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hemp Fashions

While researching Industrial Hemp updates here at the USA Hemp Museum, Richard M. Davis, founder, curator, author, we noticed the wonderful collection of hemp clothing on line. We found some beautiful pieces.

The dress in the Industrial Hemp Farming Act video (webeo) is available at The Back Porch Boutique .

Hemp fashions are made from 100% organic non-toxic, strong, beautiful fibers that can make dynamic, yet comfortable clothing in a wide range of grades. Unlike 20th Century style clothing that uses toxic chemicals in production and finishing, hemp's natural fibers lets a body breathe.

I'm considering emptying out my 20th Century closet and replacing everything with a new, modern, comfortable, non-toxic, eco-friendly hemp wardrobe. If you are a 21st Century fashion trend setter, then you too should consider stylish, non-toxic, comfortable, environmentally friendly hemp clothes.

Hemp fashions, or as one company is called Hemp Couture, are made from industrial hemp (hemp plants not worth smoking) which is legal in the United States.

Here's some links, in no special order, of some great hemp fashions and textile companies we found.

Enjoy the journey!!! We'll be posting more links and interviews here and on the USA Hemp Museum's site. While there, check out the page on Richard's book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION and find out what you would do if you knew the solution to global warming is illegal.

Hemp For Victory, with style.

The Back Porch Boutique

Hemp Couture

Mountains of the Moon Eco Fashions




Braintree Hemp

Spirit of Nature

Heasdshop Supply

Dank Forest

Grassroots Natural Goods

Eco Dragon

Hemp Sisters

Hemp Basics

Altered Statement

Peoples Hemp

Dash Hemp

Beneficial Hemp

Sabines Hemp

Hemp Shak

Bar Harbor Hemp


Onno Textiles

Hemp Tenn.

Sativa Bags

Enviro Textile



Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hemp, A Peaceful Solution

USA Hemp Museum has produced a series of 'hempucation' videos for Willie and Amy Nelson's song A Peaceful Solution.

Here's the links to the videos made for the series:

Industrial Hemp Farming Act

Hemp For Victory: A Peaceful Solution

A Peaceful Solution - Hemp Biofuel - Hemp For Victory

A Peaceful Solution: The Peace Pipe Hemp - Hemp For Victory

and one piece on peace pipes - hemp as a solution to violence


We're working on the next video in this hemp education series with the goal of proposing a hemp division to Dennis Kucinich's Department of Peace.

The text for the slides and video concept is posted.

The video's planned production date is December 16, 2007.

If you have any ideas to share, please post them here.

Happy Hemp

Monday, December 3, 2007

Hemp: The Old School Solution to 21st Century Problems

Please support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, featured in the above video.

The USA Hemp Museum, founder and curator Richard M. Davis, author of HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, is proposing a Hemp Solutions Division of Dennis Kucinich's proposed Department of Peace.

Why Hemp? The majestic hemp plant, with its many grades from industrial (50,000 plus uses) to medical (a 5,000 plus year old track record for healing sick folks without one toxic side effect) is nature's tool for us to save ourselves.

Hemp can help clean up our environment, restore justice, reduce violence, and put the green back in greenback with a farm based financial system instead of the smoke and mirrors modern market structure passing for the American economy.

Listed below in no special order are issues, problems and hemp based solutions that are either illegal or radically under funded. Either way, if you will help hemp become legal, hemp can help us save our lives.

Please add your ideas to the list.


Problem: Global warming from excess CO2.

Solution: Hemp, the biomass champion scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows. Grow hemp on at least 10% of unused federal land and we can reverse the process of global warming at the level of cause and effect.

HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION is the first book in the series HEMP FOR VICTORY by Richard M. Davis where he explains chapter and verse how to use hemp to solve the problem of global warming.


Problem: Polluting Energy i.e. oil, nuclear, coal, gas, etc. is overpriced and creates large amounts of pollution or, in the case of nuclear energy, dangerous waste.

Solution: Non-toxic, clean hemp, solar, hydro, wind and magnetic energies.


Problem: War and other Violent Crimes

Solution: Hemp peace pipes and biofuels, “No war required.”

Hemp 2 lb. Solution. Everyone gets 2 lbs of medical grade hemp.
One 1 lb is for their personal stash, the other to be consumed with their “enemy.” Discuss and implement peaceful solutions, like the ones on Willie and Amy Nelson's A Peaceful Solution site. Repeat as needed.


Problem: Health Care crisis.

Solution: Use hemp as a stress reduction, cell harm communication, tumor reducing and nutritional enhancement therapy to reduce the need for health care.

Problem: Overpriced, ineffective medicines with toxic side effects.
Solution: 5,000 plus year old effective, inexpensive, medical grade hemp to help treat hundreds of conditions successfully. Zero mortality rate from hemp.

Consider taking hemp leaf pills with CBD.

Problem: Tumors

Solution: Hemp helps reduce tumors without the toxic side effects.


Problem: War on Poverty. Lack of legal economic opportunities for people to prosper.

Solution: Hemp For Victory farms, business opportunities and jobs for those in need of economic opportunities.


Problem: Inadequate, overpriced, radiated, toxic food supply.

Solution: Hemp foods, a delicious, nutritional and easily renewable healthy food source that can be grown almost anywhere, indoors or out, up to 4 crops a year.


Problem: Genetically modified foods – possible cause of Morgellons disease

Solution: Hemp food grown from organic hemp seeds.


Problem: Failed economy based on smoke and mirrors.

Solution: Hemp puts the green back in greenback. A hemped economy restores the family farm as the center with plenty of opportunity.


Problem: Plastics polluting the environment.

Solution: Make plastic items from non-toxic bio degradable hemp seed oil and make bags from hemp fabric.


Problem: Toxic chemicals used in fabric & building materials production cause cancer, asthma, etc.

Solution: 100% organic, non-toxic hemp fabrics and building materials. Check out Zelfo for building materials


Problem: Homelessness and Inadequate Housing

Solution: Use hemp building materials for strong, affordable new age housing. Help establish home based computer businesses in families who need an income to pay for their hemp house.

Build modular, pre-fab buildings from hemp, house-in-a-box style with everything made from hemp and nails. These structure boxes can be delivered quickly to areas where housing is needed. There is a lot of empty land in America.


Problem: Disappearing Bees and the impact on our food supply.

Solution: Supplement bee pollinated with wind pollinated foods like hemp.

Grow hemp in place of plants that use toxic chemicals in case it is the pesticides that are chasing them away.


Problem: Water Pollution from paper making is killing river life and impacting on the quality of our water supply.

Solution: Hemp paper making does not pollute water nor require trees.


Problem: Large Prison population.

Solution: Free all non violent and non-DNA verified prisoners with ample support to rebuild their lives.


Problem: Loss of freedom due to government greed.

Solution: Restore freedom. Let Uncle Sam smoke a joint and get over himself.


Problem: Hemp a peaceful solution to many of our problems, is illegal.

Solution: Re-legalize hemp.

Support and elect pro-hemp candidates.

Visit the USA Hemp Museum

Spread the word.


We can save ourselves, hemp is a tool.

Let’s take our freedom back with a Great American Hemp Tea Party - 4:20 p.m. daily.