Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hemp Phytoremediation Program Can Help With Gulf Oilspill Crisis

Wisdom dictates that especially when in a crisis, use effective solutions applied at the level of cause. Since our environmental problem is too much pollution, from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, from Maine to Hawaii, the solution is to use strategies that effectively remove the pollution.
We all know that hemp was helpful in cleaning up the toxins around Chernobyl, and with a bit of planning by a mastermind alliance, can be used to clean up the environmental mess again.  
An immediate end to hemp prohibition will allow us to use this biomass champion in a hemp phytoremediation program.   "Phytoremediation can be defined as the decontamination of soil, sediment or water using plant growth. Industrial hemp, Cannabis sativa L., is renowned for its ability to grow rapdily. In one growing season, fibre hemp can yield 250 to 400 plants per square metre, with each plant reaching up to 5 metres in height. As a result, hemp has been identified as a plant with the potential to serve as a phytoremediator."
The same way hemp was used to clean up the toxins around Chernobyl, we should be using hemp to clean up the toxins from the Gulf of Mexico "oil spill" (more like a volcano) and other environmental crisis situations.
February, 2000: Chernobyl (Ukraine)  - Using Plants To Clean Soil
"Phytoremediation is a process that takes advantage of the fact that green plants can extract and concentrate certain elements within their ecosystem. For example, some plants can grow in metal-laden soils, extract certain metals through their root systems, and accumulate them in their tissues without being damaged. In this way, pollutants are either removed from the soil and groundwater or rendered harmless."
"In 1998, Phytotech, along with Consolidated Growers and Processors (CGP) and the Ukraine's Institute of Bast Crops, planted industrial hemp, Cannabis sp., for the purpose of removing contaminants near the Chernobyl site. Cannabis is in the Cannabidaceae family and is valuable for its fiber, which is used in ropes and other products...
Overall, phytoremediation has great potential for cleaning up toxic metals, pesticides, solvents, gasoline, and explosives. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than 30,000 sites in the United States alone require hazardous waste treatment. Restoring these areas and their soil, as well as disposing of the wastes, are costly projects, but the costs are expected to be reduced drastically if plants provide the phytoremediation results everyone is hoping for."

To understand how to use hemp to solve our environmental problems, read the book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION by Richard M. Davis, founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum

So let's end hemp prohibition now and form a mastermind alliance to use hemp to help us solve our problems now.  HEMP FOR VICTORY!

Montel Williams Discusses the Legalization & Efficacy of Cannabis 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Light and Learn - Hemp For Victory Books Study Guide

Hard copies at Amazon

The USA Hemp Museum has embarked on a citizens initative HEMP FOR VICTORY program, beginning with education, to empower the goal of ending hemp prohibition and empowering the use of this miracle plant. These books are subject based museum tours of the Environment, Medical and Economics rooms.

Author and USA Hemp Museum founder Richard M. Davis said "The last truly successful program this country ran was the Hemp For Victory program.  Since we've been legislated to death where even interacting with nature is deemed criminal, it is up to we the people to present the case for why we should be using the hemp solution.  We believe the fastest fix is the people demanding an Executive Order from the president.  

Light and learn Hemp For Victory is a simple teaching tool designed to spread the who, what, when, where and why of the power hemp plant.  The first three book in the series, A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, THE WONDER HERB and THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP are available in both hard copies at Amazon.

Each book has an opening webeo, a 5 class session breakdown of the material with room for a lab and celebration/presentation of projects closing class. Please consider sharing ideas of what each class observes.
Happy Hempucation. 

Book/Lesson #
Relevant Pages

Class 1
Pages 1-66
Relationship between hemp and environment
Class 2
Pages 67-119
How government policy helps or hurts
Class 3
Pages 120-157
Hempowerment tools
Class 4
Pages 158-179
Industrial Hemp reports
Class 5
Pages 180-230
1913 US Dept. of Agriculture Yearbook
Class 6
Lab work
Papers, plants, exhibits in development
Class 7
Papers and Celebration
Presentation of semester projects and party.

Class 1
Pages 1-45
Overview what is medical hemp
Class 2
Pages 46-100
How can it help as medicine?
Class 3
Pages 101-165
Ways to incorporate medical hemp
Class 4
Pages 166-217
Medical hemp and the law history
Class 5
Pages 218-250
Readings and studies
Class 6
Lab work
Papers, patients other exhibits
Class 7
Papers and Celebration
Presentation of semester projects and party

Class 1
Pages 1-55
Class 2
Pages 56-97
Why use hemp to prosper Pt. 1
Class 3
Pages 98-144
Why use hemp to prosper Pt.2
Class 4
Pages 145-213
How to use hemp to prosper
Class 5
Pages 214-250
Trillion Dollar Crop’s big picture
Class 6
Lab work
Papers, exhibits, etc.
Class 7
Papers and Celebration
Presentation of semester projects and party

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hemp For Victory Program Should Be Used For Gulf Oil Spill

The problem of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was created by “experts.” For some reason those responsible for creating the crisis have control over how the crisis is handled, with disastrous results.  The solution is to use common sense and wisdom.

The US was on the victorious side of World War II in part because of the effective use of two tools, hemp and computers.  We have computers, now all we need is the hemp to achieve victory in this and other crisis situations we are solving.

A Peaceful Solution to the oilspill crisis is to reinstitute the old Hemp For Victory program.  That the oil from the Gulf has already entered the clouds is proven on the webeo above. If you are not yet touched by this crisis, unless we do something to fix it, you will be. 

First step to any project of this size is financing.  Though work can begin immediately as a citizens action, the large scale coordination of a Hemp For Victory program would yield dynamically powerful results.
There is a great book by Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum, on how hemp can fix our economy HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP.

PG 41 Call for an Environmental National Guard
PG 95 Bottom paragraph - The high absorbency of hemp hurds
PG 96 Geotextiles - whole page to explains the benefits to the soil of planning hemp.
PG 1O7 Hemp-solvent on the list of hemp uses - 4th line from the bottom
PG 116-117 Hemp can grow in sand and prefers warmer growing conditions.
PG 169 First paragraph Absorbents- last sentence. “Hemp is also used in oil spill cleanup.”

If President Obama, who ran on the platform of change we can believe in, would just end hemp prohibition by Executive Order (may I suggest E.O. 420) we could finance the evolution.

Starting a national hemp bank, like what China is doing with their agricultural bank is a great step to empower farmers to plant hemp in toxic areas to aerate soil and absorb toxins.  The organization Farm Aid could serve as a coordination empowerment point for family farmers in this process for financing, growing and market information.

In the book by Attorney Ellen Brown, THE WEB OF DEBT - THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT OUR MONEY SYSTEM AND HOW WE CAN BREAK FREE, she explains the advantage of our establishing a national greenback banking system.  Chapter 23 Freeing The Yellow Winkies – The Greenback System Flourishes Abroad

PG 225 “The American system of Franklin, Hamilton and Lincoln was something quite different.  It celebrated private enterprise and the entrepreneurial spirit, while providing a collective infrastructure under which competitive capitalism could flourish. This protective government umbrella furnished checks and balances that prevented exploitation by monopolies and marauding foreign interests, allowed science and technology to bloom, and provided funding for projects that “promoted the general welfare,” improving the collective human condition by drawing on the credit of the nation.”

A 20% tax on recreational grades of hemp would generate a large sum of cash, even if the price came down to $100 an ounce from the record highs of $400-$500 an ounce. Since it's been proven that people will pay a premium, especially for assured quality, the government will do well collected $20 on every high quality ounce sold plus tax income from the 50,000 products that can be made from the hemp plant.

Another place to look for money to fix the oil spill is the savings from our court system by ending the ridiculous War on Drugs.  In  DRUG WAR CRIMES: THE CONSEQUENCES OF PROHIBITION by Jeffrey Miron he explains the billions of dollars that can be saved by stopping this failing program.
There is plenty of research for how to use hemp to solve this problem.

Hemp fibers are absorbent and among the strongest in the plant kingdom. The booms being used to collect the oil should have hemp fibers inside. 

Hemp medicine, which assists with respiratory and digestive problems helps deal with the toxic chemicals people are being exposed to like benzene and methane. The book HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB is a great museum tour on the subject of how and why we should be adding hemp medicine to our healthcare system.

PG 52 is the list of 250 medical uses for hemp from the 15 years of research by Dr. Tod H. Mikuriya
PG 98 has information on a model we are dealing with what is now called World Trade Center Illness, squamous cell cancers and other illness from exposure to a mixture of toxic materials. “The toxins from the World Trade Center, New York’s open sewers system, many superfund clean up sites, and other environmental problems would benefit from large scale hemp planting in parks, along the rivers, in abandoned lots to draw the toxins from the area and convert it into a resource material.”  
“Stress kills and medical grade hemp reduces stress.  Hemp also contains many essential nutrients that help balance our toxic lives.”

Benzene, methane and other toxic chemicals are in the air, land and water in the Gulf. Hemp medicine can help, yet, we still need to be moving large populations away from that toxic area.

PGS 213-242 Chapters 12 & 13 have lists of books and studies done on the effectiveness of medical hemp. 

Hemp is a wind pollinated plant that has a short growing season and is easy to grow, minimizing the cost for a hemp remediation program to clean the air of toxins from the burning oil off shore. This biomass champion can also supply a low cost source of energy to replace toxic abiotic crude oil, the type that is flowing into the Gulf.

Hemp foods can help replace the hole in the food supply caused by not eating fish from the Gulf or possibly the east coast by the time hurricane season finishes.

Hemp's environment benefits are deep. Hemp’s up to 6' root system aerates soil and converts many toxins into wood. Hemp should be planted in all toxic areas to help clean the soil as part of a plant remediation program like what was successfully done at Chernobyl.

Another book in the HEMP FOR VICTORY series that explains many of the environmental applications is HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

PG 91 Con. Dennis Kucinich “There is no reason for us to poison our own planet. Clean energy from Cannabis Hemp would totally solve this problem. Cannabis Hemp does not contain high levels of nitrogen or sulfur. If we burned Cannabis Hemp for electricity and gasoline we would stop releasing sulfur compounds. Because Cannabis Hemp grows very rapidly and is easily harvestable, we could produce all the energy and gasoline we needed from Cannabis Hemp. When that happens, we can start to rebuild our decaying forests and structures without fear that they will be destroyed again.

There are a number of problems caused by needless fossil fuel use. Cannabis Hemp for energy is the necessity of the future and will soon be in place all over the world. When acid rain goes away the forests will become healthy again. Nature will begin to resume its balance.”

Hemp building materials  are strong, i.e. hemp plastic is 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford.  Hemp plastics and hempcrete should be used to secure the holes in the Gulf's bottom and secure the other wells in danger of leaking, which eventually include all of them. 

Industrial hemp can help build homes and roads in the event we have to relocate large populations on unused federal land because of the potential for coastal cities rendered uninhabitable.

Source blog entries by the USA Hemp Museum of ideas on how hemp can be applied to this and other oil spills (more like a volcano with many vents) are listed below. 

Hemp Can Help With The Gulf Crater Plume Gassing

Hemp Phytoremediation Program Can Help With Gulf Oilspill Crisis

The Hemp Solution To The Oil Crisis In The Gulf

Health Alert: Move Away From The Gulf of Mexico

And finally, on Monday June 21 and Tuesday, June 22nd,  two hemp heroes, Chris Conrad and Richard M. Davis were on the online radio show Time 4 Hemp which is broadcast over American Freedom Radio  discussing the crisis with Casper Leitch on how hemp can help. These interviews reveal even more on how hemp can help us solve our problems.

Get involved if you’re not already.  It's up to We The People to save ourselves.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hemp Solution

http://thehempsolution.com.au is where you can find the complete DVD.
THE HEMP SOLUTION For a Sustainable Future - a film by SOL RAMANA CLARKE
Revised Update and 50% Expansion of the highly acclaimed documentary THE HEMP REVOLUTION
THE HEMP SOLUTION explores the hemp plant's [Cannabis sativa] fascinating history, its thousands of uses, the economic and cultural forces behind its prohibition, and its modern potential to solve major environmental problems. HEMP, together with the biotechnologies presented in this film, could revolutionise the planet with a shift from the present unsustainable petro-chemical based economy to a sustainable plant based economy. This highly profitable crop provides paper, textiles, composite materials, fuel, nutritious protein, valuable oil, building products, cosmetics and a useful medicine... if only it were legal...

Well received in theatres around the world, this award winning Australian film also examines this history and controversy around the drug 'marijuana', the current 'war on drugs' and alternative policy options.

Featuring: Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Lester Grinspoon, Dr Andrew Katelaris, Porf. Peter Dale Scott, Terrence McKenna, Dr Dale Short and more...

Produced and Directed by Sol Ramana Clarke, Co-Produced by David Arvind Condon.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

N.A.A.C.P. Endorsing Prop. 19 Finally Does Something Right by R.W. Akile

Alice Huffman, President of the California Chapter of the NAACP must be commended for endorsing Proposition 19, the November ballot initiative that calls for the legalization of Marijuana for Adult Recreational Use.  Though the proposed law has some flaws such as the amount of tax to be imposed on an ounce of Marijuana it is a step in the right direction.  Many Blacks are in jail today due to the unfair application of drug prohibition laws.

Critics of the NAACP position display their lack of investigative fortitude and brings into question their knowledge on the subject of Marijuana.  Joe Hicks, VP of Community Advocates continues to display his lack of discernment when he says that "Marijuana is a Valley issue that really doesn't concern Blacks."

Such a posture is way off the mark.  The racist strategy used to make Marijuana illegal in the first place targeted Mexican Farm Laborers in the early 1900s in the Western states.  California was the first state in 1913 to pass a law making Marijuana Use a crime.  Montana and other Western states begin to follow suit.  Virtually all of these laws were targeting Mexican Farm Labor.  This posture was fueled by William Randolph Hearst's policy of racist "Yellow" journalism.  The Hearst publishing empire would print editorials stating such things as: "If your children smoke Marijuana they will hang out with "greasy Mexicans and dirty Niggers."

Most of us are unaware that W. R. Hearst had an axe to grind against Pancho Villa after Villa influenced the seizure of 800,000 acres of Hearst owned Timberland in Mexico.  Hearst had planned to feed his publishing empire with paper produced from his Mexican land holdings.  Hearst used a liberal amount of ink to criminalize Blacks and Mexicans as the source of Marijuana crime.

The NAACP is to be commended for standing up on this issue.  Those who wish to know more about this much maligned herb can find a surprising amount of positive information in "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by the late Jack Herer or "Hemp, Lifeline to the Future" by Chris Conrad. 

The late Somayah Kambui, demonstrated that Hemp was actually a very beneficial nutritional herb.  Indeed, of the 20 elements for good nutrition the Hemp seed contains 16 of those elements.  Cold pressed Hemp oil is a perfectly balanced source of "Essiential Fatty Acids." 

Hemp has been found in the tombs of Kmt (ancient Egypt).  Hemp fabric can be traced to the 18th Dynasty of Kmt.  Seshat, the Ntr of the Library, a keeper of knowledge has as her symbol a seven fingered Marijuana leaf.  In the sacred text known as the "Emerald Tablet" the author alludes to the periodic "bathing in the glow of the flower" as a source of immortality.  Like it or not the flower spoken of is none other then "Yamba" or "Matokwani" or Marijuana.