Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pot Wars: Battlefield California

From Reason TV

"Over the past couple of years, the medical marijuana industry in Los Angeles has exploded. Estimates vary, but there may be as many as 800 dispensaries currently open for business in the city of angels. An ordinance recently passed by the LA city council, however, is about to change all that.

The new ordinance will force hundreds of dispensaries to close and all but a few to relocate. The goal was to bring clarity to the medical marijuana industry, but the only thing that's clear is that the transition process will be difficult.

Especially now that the DEA has begun raiding dispensaries again, despite the promises made by the Obama administration.

While federal, state and local governments struggle to make sense of medical marijuana laws, an increasing number of Californians support a completely different approach: marijuana legalization. Nothing more than a pipe dream? Maybe. But consider this: 56 percent of Californians currently support pot legalization, the same proportion of Californians who voted for the Compassionate Use Act, which legalized medical marijuana, back in 1996.

Produced by Paul Feine. Shot and edited by Alex Manning. Graphics by Hawk Jensen.

Hosted by Nick Gillespie.

Approximately 9 minutes. Go to for iPd, HD, and audio versions of all videos. "

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hemp For Victory 2010 Cannabis Planet #10 Debut

Shedwood Films Presents: A Harry Hashslinger Film
Hemp For Victory 2010 Cannabis Planet #10 Debut
Featuring on CH57 KJLA
Featuring: Tribute to Sister Somayah w/ Richard M. Davis

Buddy Duzy talks about Jack Herer's Initiative to legalize all cannabis and how today cars are being made of hemp plastics in Europe not in the U.S.A. We cannot even import them because they contain marijuana? (BMW/Lotus)
George Clayton Johnson talks about hemp building materials to save trees.

Jack Herer Speaks Out at cannabis Unity Conference #2.

Judge Jim Gray Tells 5 reasons to consider AB390 in California

Richard W. Eastman Speech from Million Marijuana March in Los Angeles

Featuring singing of sister somayah at 2008 Million Marijuana March in Los Angeles

Debut of The Mad Engineer's "Emaciated Grey" with keyboards by Melissa Vardey and unreleased Lightsound performances.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grass: The History Of Marijuana

To learn more on why we should end hemp prohibition now please visit the USA Hemp Museum,  While there check the books:


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lend A Hand To The Farmers End Hemp Prohibition

Lend A Hand To The Farmers Lyrics

Lend a hand to the farmers on this land.
Put the power of production back in their hands
Lend a hand to the farmers in this time
The very future of the nation is on the line

Think of all these families
Being forced off their land
The small farmer is a chess piece
Being pushed by corporate hands

Lend a hand to the farmers on this land.
Lend a hand, lend a hand
Put the power of production back in their hands
Lend a hand to the farmers in this time, lend a hand, lend a hand
The very future of the nation is on the line

Can't you see that
To have a healthy nation
Good food is what we need
But without the cultivators
Whose gonna plant the seeds

Lend a hand to the farmers on this land.
Lend a hand to the farmers on this land
Let's put the power of production back in their hands
Put the power of production back in their hands.

Can't you see
A bunch of rusted tractors
Thousands of idle hands
A nation raised on junk food
Millions of acres of wasted land

Lend a hand to the farmers on this land.
Lend a hand, lend a hand
Put the power of production back in their hands

Lend a hand to the farmers in this time
The very future of the nation is on the line

Lend a hand to the farmers
Let's lend a hand to the farmers
Put the power of production back in their hands

Let's lend a hand, let's lend a hand to the farmers


At one time we had more than 8 million small family farmers on the land in this country.
Now we're down to less than 2 million
Loosing 300-500 every week.

The backbone of this country is the farmer
We're loosing our farmers
We're loosing the bottom rung on the economic ladder
If we don't help our farmers we will go hungry

Lend a hand to the farmers and you are lending a hand to yourself.

Lend a hand to the farmers.
Put the power of production back into their hands

Lend a hand to the farmers
The future of the nation is on the line

Lend a hand to the farmers.

End Lyrics

Please support Farm Aid and ending hemp prohibition so that we can save ourselves. For more ideas visit the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute founded by Willie Nelson, Jay Greathouse and Liz O'Garvey. The work being done there is extraordinarily healing. For more on hemp visit the USA Hemp Museum.


Farm Aid
Willie Nelson
Marty Dread
Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute
USA Hemp Museum

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hemp and Lime construction at the Centre for Alternative Technology

Hemp as a building material produces benefits from when the seed is planted to beyond construction.

The above webeo is from the Center for Alternative Technology.

"Hemp and Lime construction illustrates many of the benefits of natural building materials. The hemp absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows. The lime absorbs yet more carbon dioxide as it sets - locking away the carbon for the lifetime of the building. It also provides excellent insulation and helps regulate the humidity of the building it's self.

We've used a hemp lime wall construction for the external walls of the new Wales Institute for Sustainable Education at CAT.

Hemp based walls, made from a natural sustainable source lock away carbon dioxide, their thermal performance keeps buildings warm in winter and cool in summer - reducing heating and cooling requirements. They also improve moisture control in buildings, enhance indoor air quality and are relative easy to construct.

The thermal performance of the walls is being researched as part of the construction and monitoring of the WISE building. Several sections of the external walls are being extensively monitored for temperature and humidity to assess how they are performing and how they handle moisture. The answers we find will allow a better understanding of these walls work and help builders and architects in the future.

If you want to find out more about hemp and lime construction, or about the WISE building, have a look at the CAT website. "

Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama: "$77 Billion A Year From Hemp Won't Help Economy!"

Artist Statement

"No other natural resource offers the potential of hemp.

Cannabis Hemp is capable of producing significant quantities of paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink, and fuel. Unlike other crops, hemp can grow in most climates and on most farmland throughout the world with moderate water and fertilizer requirements, no pesticides, and no herbicides. Cannabis Hemp (also known as Indian Hemp) has enormous potential to become a major natural resource that can benefit both the economy and the environment.


President Obama probably didn't anticipate that his brief dismissal of marijuana legalization during the online town hall would light up a potent movement of support for decriminalization.

The fact that he even addressed such a controversial and oft-ignored topic impressed some. But the way he seemed to deride the question angered man who quickly expressed their dissent online in website comments, on blogs and throughout social networks.

"There was one question that was voted on that ranked fairly high and that was whether legalizing marijuana would improve the economy and job creation," the president said during the town hall, amongst a thunder of laughter from the crowd. "And I don't know what this says about the online audience." More laughter.

"The answer is, no, I don't think that is a good strategy to grow our economy," Obama said.

No further explanation given. Next question.

His short response was not only disconcerting for marijuana supporters but also a bit perplexing. After all, Obama called for marijuana decriminalization during ...

... a debate at Northwestern University when he was running for U.S. Senate in 2004.

The legalization debate is not a new topic for websites like YouTube, Digg and Facebook, where a pot-smoking niche has long congregated. But it has exploded in the days since the town hall.

The Huffington Post prominently featured an editorial titled "Pot Saved My Life, Mr. President." In it, the writer concluded, "The president will be asked this question again, and maybe next time he won't laugh at us."

The Times had a story Sunday quoting former federal judge Jim Gray claiming the war on drugs had failed and that pot should be legal. The so-called failed drug war was, incidentally, the same claim made by Obama in 2004.

The lit-up lobby rages strongly on social networking channels as well. The Facebook page, called M A R I J U A N A, has seen a spike in membership as of late.

And on the social news website Digg, a story about marijuana benefits, decriminalization or reactions to Obama's weedy treatment of the pot question has been voted to the home page every day since the town hall -- and in many cases, multiple times a day.

So what does that say about the online audience? Considering that many political analysts attribute a major part of Obama's election to his popularity on social networks, maybe he shouldn't be so quick to dismiss something they clearly feel strongly about.

-- Mark Milian

United States Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew hemp, used products made from hemp, and praised the hemp plant in some of their writings. Under the laws written by today's politicians, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson would be considered a threat to society--they would be arrested and thrown in prison for the felony crime of growing plants.

From 1776 to 1937, hemp was a major American crop and textiles made from hemp were common. Yet, The American Textile Museum, The Smithsonian Institute, and most American history books contain no mention of hemp. The government's War on Marijuana Smokers has created an atmosphere of self censorship--speaking of hemp in a positive manner is considered taboo.

The Haight-Ashbury Homepage "

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Joe Rogan on Hemp, Marijuana and DMT

Thanks Joe Rogan

"Joe Rogan - The Number 1 reason why Marijuana is Illegal is because the Pharma Cartel does not want you to grow your own Medicine. The Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp. The first car ever made ran on Hemp oil. Hemp seeds are also the healthiest food on the planet with the highest protein content out of any plant.

Marijuana Facts:
As part of the "War on Drugs", U.S. gives
hundreds of millions of dollars per year
of military aid to Colombia

War on Drugs results in the arrest of
1 million Americans each year.

Your tax money is spent on maintaining and
expanding the prison infrastructure required
to continue this policy

Marijuana is not addictive. Only 1% of Americans
smoke it on a daily basis. Withdrawal symptoms,
if any, are similar to coffee consumption

Marijuana has been proven to be effective in
reducing nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy,
stimulating apetite in AIDS patients, reducing
intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma

Marijuana also reduces muscle spasticity
in patients with neurological disorders.
Legalizing drugs would inject $76.8 billion a year
into the U.S. economy.$44.1 billion from law
enforcement savings, $32.7 billion in tax revenue

Annual Causes of Deaths in United States
Car Accidents26,347
Prescription Drugs32,000
Marijuana 0

When a private enterprise fails, it is closed down;
when a government enterprise fails, it is expanded.
Isn't that exactly whats been happening with drugs?
- Milton Friedman"