Thursday, July 30, 2009

FREE EDDY LEPP - Letter To The President

July 29, 2009

President Obama

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to you to ask you to take whatever action is allowed your office under the law of the land to pardon and release from custody in Federal Prison my friend Eddy Lepp. Mr. Lepp currently resides at the address below.

Charles Edward Lepp


Federal Correctional Institution

3600 Guard Rd.

Lompoc, CA 93436

Mr. President, thank you for stopping federal raids on medical marijuana dispensaries that follow state laws. Now we need you to stop the trials and release those incarcerated for actions that were allowed by the people’s initiative law on medical marijuana in California. While there are limits of cultivation and possession in federal law, our initiative law contains no limits of this kind.

Mr. President the country is ready for leadership on the entire subject of marijuana and hemp. The two are joined at the hip. The “founding fathers” grew hemp and we can’t. This makes no sense. Hemp is necessary crop for survival in both medical and environmental uses.

Eddy Lepp understands this and should be free to speak the truth. Plants belong to the people, Mr. President, so no one should be incarcerated for what is their inalienable right.

Please respond. You have both books and mini-museum by the USA Hemp Museum.

Richard M. Davis, Curator

USA Hemp Museum


Monday, July 27, 2009

MPP's Rob Kampia on Fox Happy Hour 07/24/2009

For more on the Marijuana Policy Project visit .

We've made nature's hemp plant that scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows illegal, and wonder why we have a problem with the environment. HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION (Vol 1)

We've made effective, 5.000 year old hemp medicine illegal and wonder why we have health problems. HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB (Vol II)

We've made the nation's #1 cash crop illegal and wonder why we have a problem with our economy. HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP (Vol. 5) (hard copy coming soon).

For more on how hemp can help us solve our problems, please visit the USA Hemp Museum, , a private museum with a virtual wing. There you can download free ebook copies of the above books.

Thanks for doing what you can to help end hemp prohibition now and stop the war on drugs.

Go Green: How to Make a Hemp House of Pain-less Green Building Materials

Hemp Construction Info:

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Richard Lee, Oaksterdam University and Tax Cannabis 2010 on CBS Morning

CBS News' Sunday Morning piece on hemp and how it can help us save our economy, and so much more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Tree of Life" by The Human Revolution

"Tree of Life" by The Human Revolution

Decriminalizing it could save the planet, so do it, do it now!

LYRICS: (provided by causeofmyanger)

Words and Music by Human Revolution

I wanna tell yall a little bit about a plant I know that can save the world.
It grows long and tall and has flowers that can make your mind swirl.
Its a sacred plant with a fiber that is resistant to rain and mold.
Its the strongest plant fiber known to man, the best rope youll ever hold.

Now the pioneers covered up their wagon train with a canvas made of hemp
Washington and Jefferson grew it on their farms and said to make the most of it.
The first stars and stripes were made on hemp the first constitution too.
Its used around the world for fuel fiber oil medicine and food.

If you press its seeds you wont have no need for any other oil,
You can make paints and inks or run your car, grow it back next season itll fix the soil.
The most nutritious seed you can put in your mouth with Omega 6 and 3
We can feed the world with the tree of life and live sustainably.

If we cut down all the trees, then we wont have no air to breath,
Grow a field of hemp instead, you can make your paper, build your house from it. The Goddess plant growing wild and free, livin the way we oughta be, gone leave my children a better world than my ancestors left me.

The flowers of the female hemp plant make the best medicines on Earth,
Helps cancer and AIDS patients eat their food, helps those with depression overcome the blues,
Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Nausia, Insomnia, Stress, Neurosis, Psychosis, Pain PMS
All the studies have been done all the doctors agree, but the corporations cant make money off this plant you see, because its free, it grows from a seed, wild and free like we oughta be.
The future is growin in our backyards.


In this modern world we seem to lack a little spirituality,
This one plant can bring us back 10.000 years in history.
To the Shiva Parahanas, The Jesus The Christ, to Buddah, The Pagans, The Goddess, The Light. To commune with all the animals, commune with all the trees, to realize the god I seek is inside me.
Yeah the futures in our hands, weve gotta take care of the Earth.
Because the Earth is the mother that gives life birth.
We can end all our pollution with a single green plant and we can start right now, start right now.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hemp & The Economy - What did Macon say?

"...and the President wanted to answer the (hemp/marijuana) question that, no, it was not -- he did not think a good economic strategy.
Q Did that question get the most votes of any?
MR. GIBBS: I will ask Macon and those guys. It is interesting when -- I think several of those topics were in things like financial stability or --"
In March, when Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about hemp and the economy he took the strategy of the People Of The Lie:

What did Macon say? It's time for the federal government to stop pretending not to know hemp can help us solve our economic crisis, and a lot more.

A great overview of the problem is found in the newly released book HEMP FOR VICTORY, VOL. 5, THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP by Richard M. Davis, the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum a private museum with a virtual wing. . There you will also find two books that are on amazon, HEMP FOR VICTORY, THE WONDER HERB and HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION . The series provides museum tours from Davis' collection of thousands of hemp exhibits.

End hemp prohibition by Executive Order. Stop the war on drugs.
To assure context, here's the text from the White House briefing as posted

Office of the Press Secrectary
For Immediate Release March 26, 2009


James S. Brady Press Briefing Room
2:30 P.M. EDT
Q Robert, in the online town meeting, when the President said he doesn't think legalizing marijuana would give the economy a boost, was he giving a political answer or an economic answer? Does he have economic numbers to back that up?
MR. GIBBS: I'm unaware of a CEA analysis -- (laughter) -- regarding that. I think the --
Q Will you let us know if there is one? (Laughter.)
MR. GIBBS: I think you've heard the President talk about getting us on a path toward sustained economic growth. I don't think he believes that that is a part of that plan.
Q What about medicinal marijuana?
MR. GIBBS: I think the -- I'd point you to the Justice Department on developments on that.
The President asked people to ask their questions. Obviously interests aligned with certain viewpoints did so, and the President wanted to answer the question that, no, it was not -- he did not think a good economic strategy.
Q Did that question get the most votes of any?
MR. GIBBS: I will ask Macon and those guys. It is interesting when -- I think several of those topics were in things like financial stability or --"

Hemp For Victory: Vol. 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop

Now available on

Book Review published on the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute site by Jay Greathouse of

RSS Raw Materials Econ

"Richard M. Davis and the USA Hemp Museum have produced an amazing 250 page book documenting the history and current potential for commercial hemp production called Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop.
This rare voice of sanity lays out the overwhelmingly positive scientific perspective on commercial hemp. As more voices ask for the open dialog long sought by those opposed to the needless waste of the so-called War On Drugs the value of this new book becomes self-evident.
Career politicians prove once again that campaign promises regularly become orphaned IOUs with little likelihood of ever being redeemed. At best they can only follow the lead of knowledgeable citizens and the USA Hemp Museum provides this book for citizens curious about the science regarding commercial hemp.
If we do not allow science to drive policy then policy becomes driven by ideology. History provides ample evidence on the predictable failure of policy driven by ideology.
Science observes nature, the world as we experience it in our daily lives, and constructs organizational systems to aid our understanding of the world and our place in it. These scientific organizational systems remain open to modification as discovered facts dictate.
Ideologies, on the other hand, start not with the facts but with someone’s dreams and fantasies. Facts may never contribute to the process of refining ideologies and if they prove contrary to ideology are conveniently ignored if not outright suppressed.
Disinformation and other forms of creative lying create the illusion of facts that prop up the dysfunctional ideologies that impoverish all of human existence. Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop dispels misleading illusions with such a volume of scientific verifiable facts as to nullify the power of dysfunctional ideologies intended to make us all criminals in our own communities.
What more can we hope than to be freed from burden of lies that only contribute to increasing needless pain, suffering and all too often pointless death at the hand of militarized police agencies?
This freedom can be yours at no cost to you because Richard M. Davis and the USA Hemp Museum now offer Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop as a FREE PREVIEW EBOOK EDITION. Please be advised this is currently a working copy and I do not know what will be its fate with publication of hard copies and the ebook final version becoming available in mid-June, 2009.
Honest factual information can lift the veil of illusion that gives power to ideologies. You can take steps now towards abandoning ideology and embracing science by obtaining your own copy of this book.
By sharing this book you also help to free your friends, family and community from blind obedience to enslaving ideologies. Be informed, it is one essential right you still have the ability to exercise.
Special mention must be made of Brenda Kershenbaum for her brilliant research, Art Director Sherwood Akuna for the stunning series book covers and art work and the awesome Editor, J. Nayer Hardin of Computer Underground Railroad Enterprises.
Disclaimer: We are quoted and mentioned in the book as “great hemp activists.” All I can say is that we aspire to resembling that remark." (Note: You're awesome, inspiring activists on the hemped path to victory.)

Legalize Medical Marijuana And Hemp - SHERIFF MACK Speaks Out

"Leave people alone and live and let live." Well said.

Stop the war on drugs. End hemp prohibition now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Be sure to check out Barry McCaffrey's current position on hemp:

5:38 "By the way when it comes to pot, you know, if you're 40 years old, you live in a log cabin in Oregon, you got 12 giant pot plants in your back yard, have a ball."

Yes, former Drug Czar said have fun with a dozen plants at a time. Great positive change is in action.

Make nature legal again. End hemp prohibition now. Stop the war on drugs.

For more hemp inspiration visit the USA Hemp Museum

If you love Weed, share this Video!

The earth is demanding the restoration of her hemp plant.

Hemp can help us solve our problems now.

To learn more about hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eddy Lepp Smokes

End hemp prohibition.

Free Eddy Lepp and all drug war political prisoners.

Stop the war on drugs.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Walking the Last Free Mile with Eddy Lepp by Charles Lynch

Eddy & Linda Lepp

From: Rev. Tom Brown
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2009 8:51:02 AM
Subject: Eddy Lepp in prison

July - 09 - 2009

Walking the Last Free Mile with Eddy Lepp

Eddy tried claiming medical and religious protections but the arguments were not allowed in Federal Court.

(PISMO BEACH, Calif.) -

Today Eddy Lepp called me at about 10:30 a.m. and said they were getting ready to pass through Pismo Beach. I hopped into my car and caught up with them on the freeway and followed them to Lompoc.

There was a traffic jam on the way down and I figured that in Eddy's mind there was probably no big rush as he was on his way to serve a 10 year mandatory sentence in Federal Prison for growing Marijuana.

Eddy had a farm where he was growing over 25,000 plants when he was raided by the DEA in 2004.

The feds prosecuted Eddy in Federal Court and he was convicted of growing more than 1000 marijuana plants which has a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence.

Eddy tried claiming medical and religious protections but the arguments were not allowed in Federal Court.

It was a sad moment as Eddy his wife and followers realized he was only minutes from a long sentence in Federal Prison.

I was angered to think that Eddy was being taken from his family for marijuana. Eddy and his clan were a classic hippie family.

They were dressed in tie die outfits and many of them had tattoos of marijuana leaves. Some of his followers talked about strong religious beliefs they had.

It was here I understood the importance of freedom of religion. Although I might not have had the same beliefs as Eddy and his followers, I thought how people have to 'tolerate' other peoples beliefs even if you don't understand what they are talking about.

So Eddy with swollen eyes from years of battling the Federal Government and a strong conviction that he had done the right thing hopped into the van for his final ride as a free man.

During that last mile, Eddy stated that he was not afraid of jail as his camera man and others listened in great admiration and sorrow.

They passed around one more cigarette of the sacred herb and Eddy drank a Dr. Pepper as his camera man recorded Eddy's testimony.

I fought back tears as other grown men cried outwardly.

I asked Eddy about his release on bail pending appeal and he said the judge didn't even read the motion and denied it.

As we drove up to the penitentiary I just couldn't stop thinking how wrong this is to put people away and to break up families for marijuana.

It just seemed so cruel to take Eddy from his wife, his friends, and from society.

They were not hurting anybody, they are just living the kind of life that makes them happy, the kind of life that millions of Americans live on a daily basis.

We walked Eddy into the building, and my internal outrage boiled quietly as the self-righteous Federal Agents did their jobs, as did the Nazi Prison Camp Guards, and took Eddy into custody and told everybody to leave.

As we turned and left the American POW camp I couldn't stop thinking what a cruel nation America can be to it's 'Marijuanan American' citizens.

I realized with great appreciation that I was a lucky man as I am out on bail pending appeal for a one year sentence for 'marijuana crimes'.

I was really lucky compared to what was happening to Eddy Lepp.

Two men, separate lives, separate life styles, separate beliefs, separate destinies but one common cause.

Eddy whispered to me as he held back his emotions 'keep the message alive'.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)

Truth is a powerful tool in the battle for freedom and justice.

We at the USA Hemp Museum propose that this song, They Don't Really Care About Us, Prison Version, be nominated as the STOP THE DRUG WAR anthem. Demonstrating what's really going on with the war on drugs, it shows the need to break the chains that are binding us.

This song is a powerful work by Michael Jackson, the reported last song he recorded during the dress rehearsal for his final tour.

The government does not really care about us. We do. Time to smarten up and let science drive policy. End hemp prohibition now. It's the smart thing to do.

RIP Michael Jackson, who if he had smoked an ounce of recreational grade hemp to go to sleep, stood a better chance of waking up the next day than the strategy he chose.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

President Obama Smoked WEED Frequently, So you should Learn from a PRO!

Great find on Youtube.

Now all we need is the real president to tell the truth about hemp.

We are overcoming now!