Monday, July 27, 2009

MPP's Rob Kampia on Fox Happy Hour 07/24/2009

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We've made nature's hemp plant that scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows illegal, and wonder why we have a problem with the environment. HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION (Vol 1)

We've made effective, 5.000 year old hemp medicine illegal and wonder why we have health problems. HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB (Vol II)

We've made the nation's #1 cash crop illegal and wonder why we have a problem with our economy. HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP (Vol. 5) (hard copy coming soon).

For more on how hemp can help us solve our problems, please visit the USA Hemp Museum, , a private museum with a virtual wing. There you can download free ebook copies of the above books.

Thanks for doing what you can to help end hemp prohibition now and stop the war on drugs.

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