Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)

Truth is a powerful tool in the battle for freedom and justice.

We at the USA Hemp Museum propose that this song, They Don't Really Care About Us, Prison Version, be nominated as the STOP THE DRUG WAR anthem. Demonstrating what's really going on with the war on drugs, it shows the need to break the chains that are binding us.

This song is a powerful work by Michael Jackson, the reported last song he recorded during the dress rehearsal for his final tour.

The government does not really care about us. We do. Time to smarten up and let science drive policy. End hemp prohibition now. It's the smart thing to do.

RIP Michael Jackson, who if he had smoked an ounce of recreational grade hemp to go to sleep, stood a better chance of waking up the next day than the strategy he chose.

1 comment:

Lewis Davidson said...

Initially, not knowing MJ died because of 'legal' drug overdose, stated, that his not smoking weed DID NOT KILL HIM>

but now later knowing he died because of stupid man made drugs.

I will agree with the original statement and truth, that cannabis sativa could of saved MJ, and heath ledger, and tens of thousands world wide if used simply, and safely.

no one can say they really want to change the medical system, the monetary system or save the planet unless they are a real American.

and a real American is a pro hemp and pro marijuana loving citizen!