Monday, February 10, 2014

Time 4 Making Room on Time4Hemp, Casper Leitch, Al Byrne and Dr. Julian Romero Paredes

The doctor was in on Casper Leitch's Time4Hemp in a frank discussion of how cannabis can help with mental health and a call for more research in this vital area of the human experience.  Joint Host, Patients Out Of Time's Al Byrne and Joint Guest Dr. Julian Romero Paredes spoke truth regarding using marijuana to help heal mental health issues.

From those of us dealing with a loved one or more suffering from bipolar, schizophrenia, PTSD, SMI, Alzheimer's, (they forgot psychopathic) etc. mental health issues, this is deeply appreciated and an empowering information tool. Hemp can help with mental health issues.  Use the 'smoke another joint strategy.' Let cannabis calm and in many cases even cure troubled souls.  

When people are high on marijuana they tend to be not so violent and mean. Weed is also extremely helpful to caregivers too.

Revealed in this show is an explanation of an observation that there may be a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer's. They do a good job explaining it and the research needed to confirm or dismiss the obvious link. 

We must now unconditionally stop the drug war so people can freely use as much cannabis as needed to heal, prosper and live happy, healthy, hemped lives.  Did you know marijuana has been accused of making people laugh, even the sad and otherwise not centered?

Imagine the balance humanity will experience as the hemp solution is applied to mental health issues. 

Lay back, light up and listen to what these progressive medical professionals have to say about why we all know that it's Time4Hemp. Enjoy!

Below are the twitter posts from the discussion, most recent up top. I'm listening again.  When you visit Time4Hemp check out the hemp bridges that are being built on this international marijuana network.


  • 'We're finding that diabetes may be a precursor to Alzheimer's' Julian Romero Paredes
  • 'When brain inflammation becomes chronic, it aggravates disease.' Julian Romero Paredes
  • 'Hemp is one of the most nutritious vegetables on the planet' Al Byrne
  • 'Cannabis helps with Parkinson's, i.e. seizure reduction. We need much more data.' Julian Romero Paredes
  • Patients Out Of Time's Mary Lynn Mathre and Al Byrne are Time4Hemp's Joint Hosts.