Friday, February 7, 2014

Time 4 A Loving Touch - Casper Leitch's Time4Hemp w/ Michael Krawitz & John Pardee - Ohio Marijuana Group

Casper Leitch's Time4Hemp was rocking again today on Small Town Friday with Joint Host Michael Krawitz, Veterans For Medical Cannabis Access, John Paradee of the Ohio Rights Group and medical marijuana patient and veteran Ron Hudson. Posts are most recent first.

  1. 'Environmental health and safety must be a priority in how we live our lives.' John Pardee
  2. Smart Canadian certification for medical marijuana begins at Headshop Canada.
  3. 'Medical marijuana helps greatly with mental health issues like PTSD' Michael Krawitz
  4. Get certified. THCF Medical Marijuana Clinics, a smart first step.
  5. 'By stopping the drug war, we're on the right side of history. We've got to get this done!' John Pardee
  6. 'In reality we know that cannabis is a really effective pain medicine.' Michael Krawitz
  7. 'Check your passion at the door and work smart to stop the drug war now. We have a real job to do.' John Pardee
  8. Time4Taking A Loving Touch LIVE now on the original marijuana broadcast

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