Thursday, April 22, 2010

USA Hemp Museum at the THC Expose April 23-25 LA Convention Center

The USA Hemp Museum is exhibiting at the THC Expose this weekend, April 23-25 held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  This evolutionary event calls together some of the biggest movers and shakers in the newly developing international hemp industry.

Below are photos from the USA Hemp Museum's new home located at 1358 S. Flower Street, LA, CA.  The grand opening is concurrent with the opening of the THC Expose.

Richard M. Davis, founder and curator & artist Sherwood Akuna
at the USA Hemp Museum, 1358 S. Flower Street, Los Angeles, CA

Jack Herer cover on High Times magazine on display at the USA Hemp Museum 

 Happy Hemp.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hemp For Victory - A Global Warming Solution

Help save the earth by ending hemp prohibition.

Hemp For Victory: A Global Warming Solution

A new 420 meaning: time for pro-marijuana forces to get serious / The Christian Science Monitor -

A new 420 meaning: time for pro-marijuana forces to get serious / The Christian Science Monitor -

"In the past, the meaning of 420 – April 20, 'National Weed Day' – has been clear: 'Have a great time.' But this year, with the pro-marijuana movement making headway in several states, some 420 rallies are taking on a more serious goal: advocacy and education."

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

USA Hemp Museum's Grand Opening

The USA Hemp Museum,  is expanding from cyberspace and a car to a physical museum at 1358 S. Flower Street,  Los Angeles, CA. Though a traveling museum that has participated in shows, forums, and countless marches, this move gives the extensive collection a physical home to display the decades of collecting done by hempster Richard M. Davis, the museum's founder and curator.

Above photo of Richard M. Davis at the USA Hemp Museum's
new Flower Street location explaining hemp's honored place among 

The formal opening is in conjunction with the THC Expose, April 23-25, 2010 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the museum will also be exhibiting. The museum is holding a free preview on Saturday afternoon, April 17th for both the press and public.

Davis' collection of thousands of hemp and hemp related artifacts make a powerful case for re-incorporating this useful crop that can be made into over 50,000 products to improve our quality of life i.e. hemp building materials, paper, medicine, food, T-shirts and other artifacts.  He has been running his museum from his car for decades and on line since the 1990's.  Though opening a physical museum has been a dream of Davis' for decades, "every time I would try to open up a brick and mortar museum, the potential landlord would say 'you can't smoke hemp here,' which meant that was not the place for me, so I kept moving the collection in my car.  A lot of work, but worth it. I must remain free to consume hemp when I want to."

 Statue of Native American with peace pipe.
Above photograph was taken at the front door of the museum.

In addition to his website, Davis is also the author of three books on the subject in his HEMP FOR VICTORY series, A Global Warming Solution (how hemp can help with our environmental problems), The Wonder Herb (a must read for medical marijuana patients and caregivers) and The Trillion Dollar Crop (hemp as an economic solution).

The grand opening is scheduled for April 23rd in conjunction with the THC Expose, a big hemp show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center April 23-25.

Part of the Hemp Rope and Twine display at the USA Hemp Museum's grand opening.

The press and public are invited to come by and view this unique, extraordinary collection.  Davis will be there to discuss the power of hemp as a tool we should be using to solve our problems now. 

Part of Hemp Fabrics Display

THC Expose tickets are available at the museum and on line at If you are in LA April 23-25, make sure you come by and check out the best hemp show yet.

For more information email Richard M. Davis.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Manitoba Canada - Man. gives $500K to rural hemp plant

CBC News - Manitoba - Man. gives $500K to rural hemp plant

"The provincial government is giving $500,000 towards the expansion of a Manitoba hemp-processing plant — an investment it says is the first of its kind in Canada.

Plains Industrial Hemp Processing Corp. is based in Gilbert Plains. The company currently manufactures hemp pellets, animal bedding and insulation, the province said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

However the company is expanding its business to be able to make hemp fiber. The new plant will allow it to produce 18,000 metric tonnes of fibre a year, Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives Minister Stan Struthers said."