Wednesday, December 10, 2008

California Going Broke - Give Me A Break!!!

It was announced that California is in a budget crisis and going broke. The report is that the state will be out of funds by the spring.

The great and wonderful Tommy Chong said in a/k/a Tommy Chong: A Film By Josh Gilbert 'if the people elect Arnold, then we are truly a nation of retards.' Based on results, as usual Chong was right, unless another stolen election was in the mix.

The Terminator has almost terminated the state's budget while denying hemp, the will of the people as voiced in Prop 215, even though he inhaled.

It is continued insanity to pretend not to know we can solve our economic crisis with hemp.

California will run out of money by the spring UNLESS they immediately remove all restrictions from the hemp plant and generate a tax revenue from the state's #1 cash crop immediately.

Tax industrial and medical grades at standard business rates and recreational hemp at 20%. If any state gets up to 20% on all recreational hemp sold, there would be no budget crisis.

How? Legalization and large scale hemp growing would bring the price down to about $100 an a $20 tax. There are millions of high grade hemp consumers who would gladly pay the tax to remove the drama.

In this year's election hemp won in 9 out of 10 states where it was on the ballot. The will of the government got us into this mess. The Will of the People, hemp, can get us out.

For more information on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing.

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