Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tell Obama To Let Our Hemp Plant Go At!!!

Things that make me hmmmmmmm! Today I went to and did a search for "hemp" and one for "marijuana".

"We found 0 results for “marijuana” - "We found 0 results for “hemp”

At the site I did a search for hemp and got 3 pages of listings in ideas. That's not enough.


We have an opportunity to take our power back and let We the People control our destiny. Yes the new president will help, but he and his team can't do it for us. That's up to us and we are well equipped to accomplish the task at hand.

Hemp was voted legal in 9 out of the last 10 states where it was on the ballot in 2008. Hemp is the nation's #1 cash crop and capable of helping us solve our problems from health care, to the environment to food shortages.

Yet, hemp is still not part of the conversation because folks are scared. With almost a million people a year having their freedom revoked and their lives endangered for hemp, it's easy to understand the source of fear. What's not understandable is our failure to throw off that fear by now.

The president elect inhaled frequently. So did the governor of California. Yet the government is committed to destroying our lives for interacting with a plant whose only known fatal interaction is DEATH BY BEING ILLEGAL. We've made the peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have a problem with violence. We made effective natural hemp medicine illegal and wonder why we have a problem with too much stress on the health care system. We use toxic building materials while it's illegal to grow hemp for low cost locally produced materials. We while there is no money to bail out the car companies or balance the budget, the hemp trade remains untaxed. Imagine a $20 tax income on every ounce of recreational hemp sold plus prison population reduction savings.

As Richard M. Davis explains so well in his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, hemp scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows. Hemp biofuel and biomass burn clean and can do anything toxic energy can do, only without polluting or hurting the planet.

If President Elect Barack Obama is as wise as presented, then he will end this nightmare called making nature illegal and jailing people for interacting with a plant.

I urge you before inauguration day to write, post, webeo, talk about, dance for and on 1/1/09 at 4:20 hook up with like minded folks you love and discuss the issue of hemp legalization. Help the not yet computerized to upload their thoughts onto Youtube and other webeo sites. Get their messages to and .

Keeping hemp illegal is not change. Keeping hemp illegal is just more of the same. I remain confident that President Elect Obama stands for real change, the kind we can not only believe in, but experience.

For more information on hemp and how we can use it to help us solve our problems, please visit the USA Hemp Museum.

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