Thursday, May 15, 2008

Legislated To Death - Hemp A Solution to Global Warming Is Illegal

Peter On Biomass

We have been legislated to death and unless we take our world back, we won't make it.

Toxic energy, burning food for fuel, various degrees of polluting the environment, they are legal. There are even ideas that say the rich should be allowed to continue to pollute for a tax/credit system at a high cost if they choose, and only the poor and middle class need to adjust their pollution levels as they get paid for allowing others to pollute.

Like HORTON HEARS A WHO, it's going to take everyone being stewards of our environment to turn this mess around. True success demands we work as one.

By government order, hemp is illegal. Hemp is a biomass champion that scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows, burns clean as biofuel, grows up to 4 crops a year that can be converted into 50,000 plus useful products and services, and has the ability to help restore the economically essential family farm system.

Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum has a book called HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION. (free ebook link)

In Davis' book, he recommends we use the successful WWII Hemp For Victory program to grow enough hemp to suck the excess CO2, the cause of global warming regardless of the source, from the atmosphere.

Davis explains the who, what, when, where, ware (many websites listed), why and how about applying hemp to help solve the problem of global warming. Growing hemp on 10-20% of unused federal land would be a good start.

Traditional growers can also use existing farm land that has been polluted with decades of toxic fertilizers and grow hemp for a spell.Hemp's root system grows up to six feet deep and aerates the soil. Hemp is so good at what it does it was reportedly used to clean the soil around Chernobyl.

Growing hemp indoors in abandoned buildings could help also, turning unused real estate into income producing property, as demonstrated in the great Showtime television series Weeds when Conrad grows inside in both commercial and residential buildings.

We must do something now.

The failure of congress to pass Ron Paul's

Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2007

was one more death knell in our battle to save ourselves from the results of legal pollution levels and the impact those decisions are having on our world. We deeply appreciate the efforts of the heroic congress people who at least put the issue on the table again. They are listed in the above Youtube webeo link, a piece the Museum put up in gratitude for their effort.

In case we have not damaged the planet where simple cause and effect cease to work, restoring hemp to nature should do the trick of reducing the excess CO2 at cause for global warming. But first we must turn away from our stupid energy policy that uses food for fuel, rather than hemp biofuel, which burns four times more efficiently than corn and when in pellet or log forms, can be burned at plants that make electricity or buildings to make heat.

For more information on how hemp is useful for energy, check out another book posted on line for free, HEMP BIOMASS FOR ENERGY by Tim Castleman, Fuel and Fiber Company

We are limited only by our imaginations, which are vast.

Link Summary List:

Peter On Biomass

HEMP BIOMASS FOR ENERGY by Tim Castleman, Fuel and Fiber Company (free webpage edition of the book)


Chernobyl article - also do a search for Chernobyl hemp.

Showtime television series Weeds

Ron Paul's Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2007 webeo done by the USA Hemp Museum in honor of the congressional effort.

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