Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hemp Not Corn Biofuel Is The Way To Go

Like Willie Nelson has taught since the 1950's, hemp is a peaceful solution to many of our problems.

Hemp (not corn) biofuel is an effective tool that we must start using now to solve the problem of global warming. Hemp is four times more efficient than corn as biofuel. The policy of food for energy is stupid and possibly evil, one of those designed to fail moves to keep toxic energy in power.

Hemp is one of the "cellulosic technologies" that those in power are pretending not to know about as we get more talk of safe nuclear, clean coal and evermore expensive oil (use less - spend more) as solutions to our energy problems. They are not. Hemp is an effective solution tool for our energy crisis as an excess CO2 remover, clean burning biofuel, and aerates soil up to six feet deep.

From: Worldwatch Perspective

"OPINION Biofuels 2.0: It's Time for Congress to Act

Can Biofuels Make or Break Iowa's Future?

Efforts to replace oil with biofuels in the United States are at a critical juncture. Double-digit growth in the production of corn-based ethanol has contributed to a sharp increase in grain and soybean prices while failing to deliver the environmental gains that had been hoped for.

It's time to reduce the incentives for food-based biofuels and accelerate the transition to more sustainable alternatives - the so-called "next-generation" cellulosic technologies, which are expected to become viable in the coming years. "

Earlier this week Congress held hearings on corn based ethanol energy.

What an oxymoron. They made it illegal to grow hemp to be used to remove the cause of global warming, excess CO2, or as clean burning energy. Then they spend money trying to understand why using food for fuel is not a good idea.

"May 13, 2008, 10:48PM

Sow blindness

Farm bill would do little to reduce world hunger and much to aggravate it.
Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle – [short quote]

President Bush promises to veto the five-year, $300 billion farm bill before Congress this week. The House and Senate have given him plenty of reasons to do so. The bill is so wrongheaded it's the equivalent of beating swords into plowshares at the outbreak of a war that closely follows a bumper crop.

Even before one gazes upon the merits and demerits of the bill, its cost alone should be seen as prohibitive. With farmers enjoying record high crop prices and income, it is irresponsible to enlarge the federal budget deficit and national debt to pay for crop subsidies."

Congress didn't have to set this up in the first place. Last year's Industrial Hemp Farming Act was lost in committee since 4/20/07. If it had passed, we'd be solving global warming now with large scale hemp growing, like what happened in the old Hemp For Victory program.

Toxic fertilizers are used to grow corn. The Gulf of Mexico has a huge dead zone where the Mississippi dumps in with the toxic run off of the corn fields.

Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum has a book with an idea of using the old WWII HEMP FOR VICTORY program to solve the problem of global warming. His site is .

In his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION he shows how, if we would shift to hemp biofuel, grown by family farmers on unused federal land and large scale burnt areas, we'd be utilizing a biomass champion. Hemp can help solve the problems of global warming and other environmental issues, like water pollution from paper making. The crops available after growth and oil can help heal the housing market with the inexpensive building material Hempstone.

Jack Herer, in his book THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES has a chapter on Energy, Environment and Commerce posted.

Since hemp is a weed it's easy to grow and modern times have given us good harvest and processing equipment.

Hemp is a wind pollinated plant that can grow up to 4 crops a year. Hemp’s large root system aerates soil up to six feet deep, cleaning toxins.

Large amounts of hemp foods can be available on short notice in case the bees don't return, helping avoid starvation dramas.

Hemp is a natural resource material that we can use to boost the economy with small and large business opportunities, restore family farms, and provide many job opportunities.

Given the speed that the ice caps are melting, weather changing, food prices rising, etc., I don't think Mother Earth wants to wait for another election to get started. We need to get hemped now. Please share your ideas on how.

For more information on hemp's possibilities visit the USA Hemp Museum.

Jack Herer's book is posted as web pages, THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES is posted.

A book that focuses on hemp and global warming, also posted as a review copy ebook is Richard M. Davis' HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

We must legalize a solution tool to global warming, hemp. As the great writer Peter McWilliams said DO IT! His book DO IT! is also posted.

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