Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hemp, an effective solution tool for global warming, is illegal.

Does the environmental community have the fortitude to say the truth that hemp can help solve the problem of global warming? I think we do, once folks have the facts.

Richard M. Davis holds a Masters Degree in biology from California State University at Los Angeles and attended the School of Public Health at UCLA for four years under a US Public Health Service Fellowship. Davis is a hempster since the sixties and has collected thousands of hemp related items and articles.

Davis is the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum, a massive private museum with a virtual wing located at www.hempmuseum.org .

Davis has agreed to make available an ebook copy of his heroic book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION to activists in an effort to save the earth from destruction, regardless of the cause.

Man made or not, there is too much CO2 in the air and we must lower it now. Hemp is a tool we can use.

Davis' ebook is posted:


In this work Davis proposes we use the successful World War II HEMP FOR VICTORY program to solve the problem of global warming.

If only 10-20% of unused federal land (plus areas where fires have destroyed many trees) were seeded for hemp, the environmental, economic (post harvest business/products/jobs), medical and social benefits would be massive.

In this book he's compiled the information most focused on how hemp removes the excess CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, burns clean as biofuel, and requires no toxic chemicals to grow. You'll see hemp art and activists like the late, great Peter McWilliams. Learn about Presidents Jefferson and Washington as hemp growers. When you finish this book (if not before) you'll understand we have the tools, hemp and human will, to save ourselves.

If you're already a hemp environmentalist, this book is an easy case to pass on for why we should be using hemp now to help solve the problem of global warming both as a plant that breathes in excess CO2 and as clean burning biofuel working in concert with other clean and/or free energies like solar, wind, hydro, magnetic, etc.

We just need the courage to use them instead of toxic energy. The shift could be that simple. Outlaw toxic and replace with clean.

So, back to the original statement. Hemp, an effective solution tool for global warming is illegal. Now what?

HEMP FOR VICTORY Hard copies are available at the USA Hemp Museum's site.

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