Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pro Hemp Senator Ted Kennedy - Well Done!!!

The USA Hemp Museum joins other hempsters around the world as we honor the passing of U.S. Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a true American hero.

The Kennedy family has a long association with the hemp plant.

Senator Kennedy's support of the addition to the 2007 FDA REVITALIZATION ACT, an amendment to 'expand and strengthen the coalition supporting medical cannabis' while working with the hemp organization Americans For Safe Access, opened the door wider for the modern hemp movement. We have a right to do all we can to get/be/stay healthy, including with medical hemp.

From a press release posted at the senator's office:


April 30, 2007

"This week, the Senate has the opportunity to set a new and better direction for the safety of the prescription drugs and medical devices that make such a profound difference in the lives of our people….."

Miscellaneous Provisions 

The bill contains two amendments adopted in committee: one on medical marijuana and the other on drug labeling.  It also makes a technical correction to two bills enacted last year:  the BARDA legislation and the NIH reauthorization.”

The bill reads:  Page 7

S. 1082 – The FDA Revitalization Act - "This provision would require those who produce, market or sell marijuana for medical uses to comply with the same rules that pharmaceutical manufacturers are legally bound to follow."

Some of the fruits are found in the surge of thousands of medical marijuana clubs throughout America, more than 800 hemp dispensaries just in Los Angeles according to the Christian Science Monitor.  New clubs are springing up around the nation as reports of economic recovery are in the wind.  Even the city of Oakland, CA is using a hemp tax to begin to pull themselves into financial abundance.  Hemp makes a great set of laces in the bootstrapping process called life.

To share your thoughts with the Kennedys’ visit the family's memorial site and sign the guest book .  His senate site will be up for another two months.

For more on hemp visit the USA Hemp Museum.

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