Saturday, August 22, 2009

Brad Pitt Rolls The Best Joints - Interview 8/14/2009

MARIJUANA ADVOCATE REVEALS BRAD PITT'S POT PAST - A Los Angeles stoner guru has exposed movie hunk BRAD PITT as a one-time weed-smoking beach bum, who used to live to get high.

Now a responsible dad of six, Pitt recently revealed he no longer smokes anything, but one old pal claims the actor used to boast of toting pot on movie sets with big-name co-stars.

Craig Z. Rudin, who used to run 2000 BC, the trendy drug paraphernalia shop Pitt once frequented, tells America's Globe tabloid, "It was no secret Brad liked to smoke pot. He was so open and honest about it. It seemed to me all he wanted to do was smoke weed, make movies and go to the beach.

"He'd come into the shop all the time. He came in once and was excited about smoking with one of his very big-name co-stars. 'We blaze (smoke pot) every day in his trailer,' Brad boasted. He had a huge grin on his face."

Rudin claims Pitt, who was once spotted wearing a T-shirt with 'I live for hemp' emblazoned on it, and a sweater bearing a large marijuana leaf printed on it, was such a fan of drug culture, he gave the crew of one film decorative bongs he'd bought from 2000 BC as gifts.

The marijuana advocate, who is now running for Mayor of Los Angeles, claims Pitt brought ex-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow into his Melrose Avenue store, but the actress was far from impressed.

Meanwhile, a longtime friend of Pitt's tells the Globe the movie hunk is much "clearer" now he's given up pot.

He says, "His whole life has changed since he stopped smoking pot. He found he was thinking clearer and feeling better."

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