Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Hemp Economics Solution Book


By Richard M. Davis, Founder & Curator USA Hemp Museum

New Hemp Economics Book Now Available at

For Immediate Release

Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum, has released another amazing book in his Hemp For Victory: Vol. 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop. (H4VTT$C)

H4VTT$C is an in depth museum tour of articles and artifacts that prove hemp is the solution to our economic crisis. This simple work has the ability to conclude the ridiculous conversation; Can hemp help heal our economy too? In essence, since hemp was a billion dollar crop in 1938, as explained in the famous Popular Science article, by any economic calculator, the USA’s number one cash crop is at least a mostly tax-free trillion dollar crop.

H4VTT$C was reviewed on the Willie Nelson Peace Research Institute site by economist Jay Greathouse of Raw Materials Econ - excerpt below.

“Richard M. Davis and the USA Hemp Museum have produced an amazing 250 page book documenting the history and current potential for commercial hemp production called Hemp For Victory: Volume 5 The Trillion Dollar Crop.

This rare voice of sanity lays out the overwhelmingly positive scientific perspective on commercial hemp. As more voices ask for the open dialog long sought by those opposed to the needless waste of the so-called War On Drugs the value of this new book becomes self-evident.

Career politicians prove once again that campaign promises regularly become orphaned IOUs with little likelihood of ever being redeemed. At best they can only follow the lead of knowledgeable citizens and the USA Hemp Museum provides this book for citizens curious about the science regarding commercial hemp.

If we do not allow science to drive policy then policy becomes driven by ideology. History provides ample evidence on the predictable failure of policy driven by ideology.”

Hemp is a growth industry. The Christian Science Monitor recently reported that there are about 800 medical marijuana clubs in Los Angeles. Could that have an impact on the recent drop in unemployment claims?

Davis was featured in July ‘09 LAJEMM , pages 41 & 52 of the historic Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana . The Hemp For Victory series, A Global Warming Solution, The Wonder Herb and The Trillion Dollar Crop are available at

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