Monday, August 3, 2009

Legal Marijuana Patient George McMahon, Part 1

Above is a most excellent testimonial on how medical hemp has helped with healing. End hemp prohibition now. We must stop it being illegal for people to heal themselves.

"October, 2008 - Born with Nail Patella Syndrome and faced with immenient death, Iowan George McMahon was offered a Cannabis (marijuana) cigarette in his hospital room and said "Yes". A week later he left the hospital and embarked on a journey that resulted in his inclusion in the U.S. government's "Compassionate IND" (Investigational New Drug) program.

Today, he is one of only four Americans legally receiving the government-grown Cannabis.

Interview conducted by Mark Pedersen of the Cannabis Patient Network:

The government has never been interested in evaluating the results of it's medicinal marijuana program, so Patients Out of Time commissioned a series of intensive physical and mental tests on the IND patients. The "Missoula Study" (Chronic Cannabis Use Study) results were presented at our 2002 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference:

DVDs are available from Patients Out of Time"

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