Thursday, April 16, 2009

Steve Kubby's Cannabis Science Stock Offering

The Steve Kubby Story - Part 1

The Steve Kubby Story - Part 2

The great Hemp Hero Steve Kubby is lifting us to the next level of freedom regarding hemp in our economy. The stock announcement:

"Cannabis Science is currently trading on the OTC:BB under the ticker symbol GFON. We anticipate a new ticker symbol being issued any day now. Be sure to check back here for the new ticker. Until then, please see below for the picture of what the special 420 Commemorative Stock Certificate will look like.

Also, don’t forget, only the first 500 people that request the 420 Commemorative Certificate will receive a hand signed copy bearing the signature of Steven Kubby himself."

Yes, you read right. Steve Kubby has a company called Cannabis Science that is currently trading. Awesome. Another break in the illusion of industrial hemp, an acknowledgment that medicine, recreation and religion are industries too. All of the hemp crop can be used for industry, lifestyle, prayer and other really good times.

Kubby is on page 150 of Richard M. Davis' second book in his series HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB. There is a free ebook at the USA Hemp Museum's site, until at least May 31, 2009.

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