Monday, April 20, 2009

Hemp Science and Economics

Now that it's 4/20/09, it's time to revisit what President Barack Obama said about using hemp to empower our economy.

The President said he doesn't know what hemp being a popular question says about the on line audience.

What it says is that a lot of us support & consume hemp. We are part of the commerce that is the number one cash crop in this nation. Do a search on Twitter (Search at bottom of the home page) to see many folks are talking about hemp.

The internet's hemp supporters read and think. We research and vote. We're cool with the sacred knowledge of how to use technology to communicate. We've offered to pay hemp taxes. The feds would rather spend money putting us in jail than restoring our freedom to interact with a plant that has never killed anyone other than murder by government policy. We are a community of common sense.

The president said science would drive policy. WHAT!!! How is such a contradiction about hemp ‘science driving policy’? On what science did he make the decision that ending hemp prohibition would not be a good economic strategy? Giving big business a trillion dollars or so, while regular folks are loosing jobs, homes and retirements with no one to turn to for help is a good policy?

"Since Popular Mechanics deemed hemp a billion dollar crop in 1938, it must be a trillion dollar plus crop today" said Richard M. Davis in his upcoming book Vol 5. HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP. It is time to stop pretending not to know hemp can help us end our economic woes so we can enter an age of abundance.

The simple historic truth is that hemp motivates people to exchange dollars. Medicine, recreation, religion and other industrial uses for the hemp plant can keep dollars flowing fast.

The USA Hemp Museum's founder and curator, Richard M. Davis wrote in his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION in the chapter Hempification, that if we make available only 10% of unused federal land, about 60 million acres, people could save themselves economically and environmentally (page 105 - gift ebook available at - hard copy at amazon). A hemp farm can be a prosperous experience for an entire community from farmers to happy children playing outside of their wonderful, strong non-toxic hemp homes.

It is time to step beyond illusions. Current hemp policy was established by folks who M. Scott Peck describes examples of in People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil. Use the truth to correct all errors. Hemp prohibition is an error in need of correction.

We must stop wasting time. The ice caps are melting and hemp pulls excess CO2 as it grows, regardless of the source, helping create a healthy environment to experience our economy in. Regardless of the source of the excess CO2, energy pollution, industrial farming or carbon atoms from outer space, hemp is a powerful ally in our fight to reduce carbon levels quickly.

We need to be using hemp to heal the damage we've done to the earth. It was reported that in Chernobyl hemp was used to help clean the soil because it is an environmental biomass champion. Cleaning up the environment will reduce the strain on our health care system by reducing the number of sick people. Reducing the number of medical bankruptcies will reduce other negative economic situations. Delicious hemp foods can help stave off famine. Hemp’s up to six foot root system restores burnt soil that can be used for other crops too.

Hemp can also stimulate the economy by saving the government an estimated $77 billion ($44 billion in arrests and $33 billion in taxes) according to Harvard Economist Jeffrey Miron.

It is wrong that the will of the government supersedes the will of the people. Even the Governor of California said that he would like to support hemp, but cannot due to the federal government.

What to do?

For more supporting documentation on the economics of hemp, please check out Harvard's Economist Jeffrey Miron. His book is Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition and has details of his $77 billion figure about how much we could net.

Legalize hemp, tax recreational at 20%. Incorporate hemp deeper into our lifestyles.

Hold a series of town hall meetings to develop a modern hemp for victory strategy. Do it on line with a Skype type style. Openly discuss the information available on how hemp can help us save ourselves. Tell the president the results. Hemp was voted legal in 9 out of the 10 states where it was on the ballot. so the people are ready for the task at hand.

Visit the USA Hemp Museum. Talk with the museum’s founder and curator, Richard M. Davis, author of two books HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION and HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB that provide supporting documentation on how hemp can help in these fields. There are free ebook editions posted on the site until at least May 31, 2009 and more books coming in this dynamic series. Jack Herer and Chris & Mikki Conrad are heroes of Richard's who have also done extensive research in the field of ‘hemponomics.’

Steve Kubby, who recently began selling stock in Cannabis Science, Bill Maher, Woody Harrelson, Dana Beal and others could create a hemp council. The council can work with various parts of government (starting farms, processing companies and workers, hemp lifestyle designers, food industry, etc.). We can use the successful HEMP FOR VICTORY program to provide solutions.

Use technology to empower the people with hemp business tools. With the wise use of computers and other technology, many will be able to set up companies, find jobs and other opportunities, i.e. community based investors, to thrive in the Information Age. Anyone with access to soil can grow their way out of poverty.

Instructions should be on line at the Department of Agriculture. Government hemp business programs, from land prep through paying taxes, can put the feds in a primary payment position as the plant goes from the fields to the consumers.

The Lord has given us the keys out of Babylon in our technology. We can speak the same language through programs. The keys are cyber in the era of truthful information guiding policy. It’s up to us to use the information wisely.

Once all the science is on the table, we're confident that hemp prohibition will end.

We urge the President and others to take a look at the science of hemp and let science drive policy.

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