Thursday, November 27, 2008

Shifting From The Industrial To The Information Age With Hemp

There is a simple way to complete the shift from the Industrial Age to the Information Age. Legalize, utilize and tax hemp.

For the toxic Industrial Age to florish, keeping people on toxic energy, medicine and environmental practices, hemp had to be illegal. This emerald Information Age can thrive off of the power found in the hemp plant.

We've made nature illegal and wonder why we have problems with our environment, economy and health care systems. Hemp was voted legal in 9 out of 10 states where it was on the ballot in 2008.

Real change is found in supporting the Will of the People and hemp is that Will. We pray that President Obama is telling the truth about a green revolution. He needs to pull an FDR and end hemp prohibition. Just do it. Radical but it will work.

Hemp is a biomass champion that scrubs the air of excess CO2 as it grows and burns cleans as biofuel. This one two punch can have a positive impact on low cost self produced clean energy and help reverse global warming.

If we grow hemp on just 10% of unused federal land, we can have a powerful, positive impact while restoring the family farm. A great book on the subject is Richard M. Davis' HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

Hemp's ability to make 50,000 plus new, non-toxic products could give the international community, as well as America, a much needed shot in the financial arm. JOBS, JOBS and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. Tax recreational hemp at 20% and he'll be having meetings about what to do with the extra money.

Effective hemp medicine, which has been used successfully for thousands of years, attacks disease at its cause, stress. Stress kills and medical grade hemp reduces stress.

A great hemp warrior, Los Angeles' Sister Somayah Kambui is in hospice at the LA VA hospice. In May she sent her lung tumor into remission , but it's reported that her sickle cell came back stronger 5 months later. As her caregivers gather around her, even though she worked on both the language and campaign of Prop 215, produced 10 annual LA marijuana marches, and did ground breaking research in the field of sickle cell and hemp (more than doubling her life expectancy), she is denied by law the ability to smell relaxing, stress relieving hemp smoke before she, if she, passes. With hemp, she has pulled back from death's door many times over the last 20-30 years. Like Peter McWilliams , she is sentenced to death by DEA stress.

Sister Somayah at her 10th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March
May, 2008


Somebody please tell President Obama to let our hemp plant go, let nature be nature.

For more on hemp check the works of hemp activists including Jack Herer, Chris Conrad, Atty. Bruce Margolin, and Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum.

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