Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Calling All LA Hemp Angels For Sister Somayah Kambui

Sister Somayah's HEY MR. DA

Keep Sister Somayah close to the light.

It is with profound gratitude for the work she has done, that we must report that the great Los Angeles Hemp Hero, Sister Somayah Kambui, is in hospice at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration's Medical Center. Somayah is a trail blazer in the field of hemp medicine. Her research on hemp and sickle cell is consulted by medical colleges and hemp activists including Jack Herer, Chris Conrad, Atty. Bruce Margolin, Dr. David Satcher, and others.

Sister Somayah's caregiver team, who is battling the VA system with requests for medical attention, needs support and volunteers to sit with her during this time. Richard M. Davis of the USA Hemp Museum, a caregiver and frequent hospital visitor, said he was able to get the nurse to give Somayah some hemp food.

Somebody please ask the governor to have mercy on Sister Somayah and let her care givers give her hemp smoke until she goes or heals. After all, Sister Somayah was instrumental in the passage of Prop 215 and the sponsor/producer of all 10 Los Angeles Million/Global Marijuana Marches. She deserves to know that her beloved hemp plant will be free. After all, even the governor smoked more than once.

Her loyal brother R. W. Akile reports that Sister Somayah, who has more than doubled her life expectancy with sickle cell, has decided no more pain, she's had enough at this point in her heroic struggle. She asked him to let her go, though like the rest of us who love her, he isn't ready either.

"Her arm is swollen beyond measure - we have to stay on the nurses at the Hospice.

Her number is 818 891-7711 - Moore-Khaliq she is in Bldg. 99 of the Sepulveda VA Medical Center the Nursing Home on the phone it will be number 4 for the after hour access.

To get there take the 405 to Roscoe, left turn to Woodley, right turn north to the VA Complex a huge Green Space make a right turn and go to the middle of the Block and turn in and go to the far end of the complex building 99. "

We'll keep you posted on her progress. Thanks for your prayers and actions. Please share the word for prayers and tell Obama to let our hemp plant go.

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Carla said...

I"m sorry to say I have learned of Sister Somayah passing. God Rest Your Precious Spirit Sister Somayah. I am sorry to report that Sister Somayah passed away last evening at 7:20 pm. Her daughter was with her according to the hospice nurse. Dearest Sister Somayah, I cannot express my gratitude for your contribution. I will always love and admire you deeply. Thank you for BEING a LEADER and so good to me. I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit you lately. I'm really sorry. I love you forever! Thanks for sharing your life with me and loving me even though I'm white! lol...You're Beautiful. I am so honored to know you. Rest In Peace. Love Carla