Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sister Somayah Kambui Articles

Photo By Peter Gorman For High Times Magazine

My childhood favorite film is THE SONG OF BERNADETTE. It's a story about a girl who was jailed for praying and making the lives of those around her better. Sister Somayah was Los Angeles' Bernadette. Her use of hemp and prayer in healing set new standards as she fought the system for the right to grow and consume hemp...though, unlike Saint Bernadette, she did not go quietly, and we are all so grateful for that. Somayah was a champion and her spirit still is. She too is now a spirit and not a ghost.

Below are a few articles about the work of Sister Somayah Kambui, a hemp hero whose soul moved from life to beyond life on Thanksgiving Day, 2008. Somayah lived twice plus 8 years the average life expectancy of a person with sickle cell. Hemp, her strain was known as Nigritian Keif grown with sickle cell in mind, was her foundation healing medicine.

Sister Somayah was an evolutionary researcher in the field of hemp medicine. She worked on the language and passage of Prop 215 that for the first time voiced the will of the people to legalize hemp, and produced the first 10 Los Angeles Million Global Marijuana marches.

Somayah lived dedicated to the struggle to remove all restrictions from the hemp plant so it can grow its role in healing ourselves, our relationships and our environment.

Her site is still up, Geocities has frozen her account for non use so updates on arrangements are being posted asap here at the USA Hemp Museum's blog HEMP FOR VICTORY NOW. Check back for lastest updates and pass on the good she did to those who need it.


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