Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Los Angeles Global Marijuana March 2014, 16th Annual

When:May 3, 2014, 10a gathering at Leimert Park ’till dusk – Get your smoke on!
Event Highlights:10a-12 Noon: Coffee and Reefer (Mud & Bud) in the morningwith like minded souls – Participants available for press interviewsHigh Noon: March Starting at and returning to the park(Construction on Crenshaw Subway makes original route inaccessible)1p: Speakers & Music & Crafts & Foods & Fun & Great Marijuana4-5p: 4:20 Ceremony & Positive Vibes to Achieve Hemp For VictoryEvent Conclusion: Dusk
Why:So we can implement the hemp solution to modern problems.

This year’s historic, 16th Annual Los Angeles Global Marijuana March and Rally is being held on Saturday, May 3, 2014, 10 a.m. – Dusk at Leimert Park.
The last minute change regarding the march was instituted by the City of Los Angeles, who called event producer R. W. Akile on April 30th and said ‘due to construction obstructions caused by building the Crenshaw subway underneath the march route, the traditional path would not be available because of last minute safety issues.’  Their original suggestion was to postpone the march, but the whole purpose is on the same day to unify marijuana activists speaking with one voice about the need to stop the war on drugs so We The People can be free.
So in response, the event is being held at Leimert park starting at 10a with a march in the area beginning at High Noon, returning to the park for part two of the rally.
There is a  Facebook Page for the event in Los Angeles too! As we learn more it will be shared here and elsewhere.
This march is a tradition, a celebration in the greater LA marijuana, hemp, cannabis, pot, weed, ganga, Mary Jane, etc. legalization community.  The event was started and produced by legendary members of the Los Angeles marijuana movement many speaking at the events over the years.

The first Los Angeles Million Marijuana March was produced by the late Sister Somayah KambuiRichard M. Davis and Jim Rosenfield plus many other activists in 1999. The event itself goes back to the great marijuana and Ibogaine freedom fighter Dana Beal's “Million Marijuana March” in New York City, which in response to the magical events there, expanded in this century to become the Global Marijuana/Cannabis March held in hundreds of locations all over the world on the same day. It was Dana who approached Somayah to do the first of the Million Marijuana March series in Los Angeles. Somayah, Richard and Jim worked for the remainder of their lives to keep the annual event going.  

Because in great part of the tireless activism of many hemp heroes, some of whom will be producing and at the rallies including R. W. Akile, Jeff Clark, Patrick Moore, Jeanette Perez, Melissa Balin and countless others, many to be listed in future blog posts.  We've come a long way hemp babies, and we still have a long way to go.  Which is why now, with the victories in thee pro legalization states, including this, California, one of the first in the nation to legalize medical marijuana it is important to show up, say your piece, and network with like minded souls.

This year's event is ever bigger in a voice so loud 
that as it joins with others around the world 
to blow the lid off the drug war 
so WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH can live freely to be our best selves.

Sister Somayah use to open up the rallies with her battle cry 'Don't Be Scared.' Dress up or just be comfortable. Come, and bring your friends and hemp plants if so inclined to the 16th Annual Global Marijuana March in Los Angeles or wherever you are on the first Saturday afternoon in May. Know that to do so is in defiance of a law system that wants so much control over our lives they interfere with our right to safely (as in NON-GMO) interact with plants. March in support of the end of the drug war and other non productive policies. If you can’t walk, cars are allowed, especially the theme on target decorated kind.
As shared joints tend to do, new bonds are formed, old ones secured, fun, knowledge and respect shared. Throughout their multi decade history, the marches and rallies thrived in an air of celebration of hemp in all its forms.
This is just an initial post on this year's events.  Checking in with folks and will be posting a lot more between now and May Day.  Just getting started so check back to this blog page for frequent updates.  This is going to be empowering! Get ready to fix this mess of modern society we have created with the hemp solution. 
Hemp is an awesome, non toxic technology that we should be using on a grand scale. It is imperative that we implement the hemp solution now i.e. Fukushima, fracking, GMOs, illnesses that cannabis cures, industrial uses (not counting 3D printing filament) via over 50,000 items from hemp bio-fuels, building materials, plastics, papers, foods, oils, dyes, fibers, buds (all of which can be used for 3D printing)…so many life improving & saving capabilities…no wonder it’s illegal. We can change this, we must change this now.
This blog coverage is written by J. Nayer HardinComputer Underground Railroad Ent. The railroad was informally started in 1984 and a NYS corporation since 1996. CURE's mission is to use computers and other technology to help people be free.’ Working the LA march blog which will be updated soon.  

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