Sunday, May 10, 2009


Hempology 101 ideas to help science drive policy from the USA Hemp Museum,, Richard M. Davis, founder & curator.

There are volumes of hemp research already done. Ending hemp prohibition provides significant boosts to our environment, economy, health care system and for millions, personal well being.

Below is a slight expansion on the science/truth about how we can use hemp to help us solve our problems.

1. When the problem is a shortage of clean water, the solution is to create more clean water. Hemp can help create clean water.

a. Use locally grown hemp biomass to power coastal water distillers and desalination plants . These technologies powered by hemp can convert ocean water into clean drinking water. For example, Los Angeles, a coastal city, could process Pacific Ocean water into clean drinking water with less strain on the environment than the current process of draining the troubled Colorado River.

b. Use hemp biofuel to transport the clean water.

c. Use hemp plastics and hempcrete to make new pipes (water delivery system) if necessary.

2. When the problem is too much strain on the health care system, the solution is to reduce the strain by reducing the number of patients. Stress kills and key hemp grades (medical & recreational) reduce stress. In addition to growing and using effective 5,000 year old hemp medicine and foods, as described in Richard M. Davis’ museum tour book HEMP FOR VICTORY: THE WONDER HERB, use the newfound abundant water supply to promote hydrotherapy. Jethro Kloss's book, BACK TO EDEN has a chapter on the subject - The Water Cure recipe is on line.

3. When the problem is too many toxins in the environment, the solution is to produce radically fewer toxins, zero tolerance where possible. The Industrial Age was dominated by cotton and polyester. The Information Age demands comfortable, environmentally empowering, healthy hemp fabrics. Replacing cotton/polyester with non toxic hemp reduces the quantity of chemicals we put into our environment and the amount of water needed in processing.

4. When the problem is too much CO2 in the atmosphere, the solution is to remove the excess CO2, which hemp is a biomass champion at doing. To reduce air pollution, shift from petro to flex-fuel conversion engines that run hemp biofuel. Davis has more on hemp and the environment in his book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

5. When the problem is a lack of activity in the automotive industry, the solution is to create more activity in the automotive industry. Auto manufacturers can quickly develop an aftermarket converting their existing customer base from petro to flex fuel engines that burn hemp and other biofuels. Tax credits should apply.

6. When the problem is toxic and damaged soil, the solution is to aerate and clean the soil. When land is burnt, hemp can help heal it. Hemp’s up to 6’ root system aerates soil, cleaning/fortifying the land and empowering our rivers, necessary for peace of mind.

7. When the problem is waste, the solution is conservation. Hemp is a low water use plant that is already being grown on unused federal land. The way we make our paper, clothing and building materials is counterproductive, causing cancers and other health problems. Current methods use a lot of water. Hemp usage saves water in both growing and processing. Hemp is a weed.

8. When the problem is the government is broke, the solution is to tax the nation’s #1 cash crop, hemp. Just a 20% tax on recreational grades of hemp would create a huge tax income. Let’s not forget to add the reduction in costs from our prison (hemp peace pipe) and hospital (medical hemp) populations. Conservative estimates put the net income to the government around a trillion dollars a year in saved prison costs and tax income. That does not factor in the additional income and retail taxes generated by the demand for safe, inexpensive hemp products, jobs and business opportunities.

We must implement the end of hemp prohibition based on wisdom and common sense. We can grow from here and be free.

For more on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum, and learn about many of the ways hemp can help us save ourselves. Check back at the museum from time to time as we're working on Davis' books in his USA Hemp Museum tours, HEMP FOR VICTORY series. The next three in line are almost ready.

Let Science Drive Policy! End hemp prohibition now!!!

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