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We have the ability to fix our economy now. While the wolves are chewing on President Obama’s almost trillion dollar stimulus package, we have an opportunity to create positive change.

There are two books referenced, both on Amazon, with solutions to the crisis we are in: Ellen Hodgson Brown, J.D.’s THE WEB OF DEBT: THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT OUR MONEY SYSTEM AND HOW WE CAN BREAK FREE and Richard M. Davis’ HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION.

The quick fix involves instituting a two part plan. First, implement Lincoln’s Greenback currency (including returning the Federal Reserve to the Federal Government). The “big banks” are bankrupt as is our money system. Congress must use their constitutionally ordained powers to create and distribute currency (a coin can have any value deemed) and reclaim the Federal Reserve.

Second, end hemp prohibition and encourage hemp commerce. Legalizing America’s #1 cash crop, hemp, frees a low cost, easily renewable resource material that can create energy, jobs and business opportunities quickly.

These simple shifts will complete the transition from the greed of the Industrial Age to the joyful abundance of the Information Age.



Wisdom demands we stop pretending not to know that we have the ability to fix our economy by changing the way we look at it. It begins by replacing confusion with wisdom.

"As for you my fine friend, you're a victim of disorganized thinking. You are under the unfortunate delusion that simply because you have run away from danger, you have no courage. You are confusing courage with wisdom.” The Wizard of Oz to the Lion.

The Wizard of Oz solved impossible problems just by looking at them differently.” THE WEB OF DEBT page 367

The Greenback currency system is money issued by the government instead of the way it’s done now. In THE WEB OF DEBT Hodgson explains how banks, not the government, create money on their computer screens then overcharge us for money they ‘authorized.’ From this great page tearing book I learned that Abraham Lincoln’s greenback monetary system allows for the expansion of currency to fit the needs of the nation and if done right, the world.

The time has come to put away childish Ponzi schemes. “The 300 year old fractional-reserve Ponzi scheme has reached its mathematical end-point. The bankers’ chickens have come home to roost, and only a radical overhaul will save the system.” (pg. 400)

Hodgson makes many recommendations on how to fix our financial system including returning the Federal Reserve to the federal government.

Page 24 “A Game of Smoke and Mirrors

Illusion surrounding the Federal Reserve begins with its name. The Federal Reserve is not actually federal, and it keeps no reserves – at least not in the sense most people think. No gold or silver backs its Federal Reserve notes (our dollar bills). A booklet published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York states:

Currency cannot be redeemed or exchanged for Treasury gold or any other asset used as backing. The question of just what assets “back” Federal Reserve notes has little but bookkeeping significance.”

If President Obama is to successfully shift our economy in a long term meaningful way, he’s going to need a lot of political, social and physical protection.

Many people have died for trying to change our current failing system. Attorney Hodgson Brown wrote about how the deaths of Presidents McKinley (pgs. 112 & 138), Garfield (pg. 96), Lincoln (pgs. 82, 95 & 221) and Kennedy (pgs. 204-206) were connected to their trying to change the financial system.

Pg. 204 “Kennedy was the last President to take a real stand against entrenched Wall Street business interests. Kennedy was a Hamiltonian, who opposed the forces of “free trade” and felt that industry should be harnessed to serve the Commonwealth. He felt strongly that the country should maintain its independence by developing cheap sources of energy. The stand pitted him against the oil/banking cartel, which was bent on raising oil prices to prohibitive levels in order to entangle the world in debt.”

Page 205 “There is also evidence that Kennedy crossed the bankers by seeking to revive a silver-backed currency that would be independent of the banks and their privately-owned Federal Reserve.....

Although the puppeteers behind Kennedy’s assassination have never been officially exposed, some investigators have concluded that he was another victim of the invisible hand of the international corporate/banking/military cartel. President Eisenhower warned in his 1961 Farewell Address of the encroaching powers of the military-industrial complex.”

Her writing has me wondering about the death of the man who set up ‘The Roaring Twenties,” President Harding, the 4th Black president. I also wonder if restoring financial power to the government is the passed mantle that Ethel Kennedy was speaking of in her conversation with President Obama.

How to change the financial system so it works? Read THE WEB OF DEBT and encourage your friends to do the same. Then, implement the solutions proposed.



Encouraging hemp commerce will stimulate not only the economy but the quality of life. Hemp can restore the family farm with an easy to grow quickly renewable crop that has more than 50,000 uses, reduce the need for health care via this 5,000 year old effective medicine, save prison costs for the 872,721 people in 2007 arrested for hemp, and remove the excess CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows.

One of the great sections in Davis’ book HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION is his explanation of how to use hemp to solve our problems.

Pages 105-6 “Hempification

Global warming, environmentally caused cancers, and the wrecked American economy requires radical action to achieve the goal of an enriched, healthy environment. Here’s a step by step overview of what needs to be done now to re-hemp the planet.

1. In our ignorance, we have outlawed nature: Remove ALL legislative limitations on the hemp plant. Find out how much we need to grow.

2. A task force of hemp masters from around the globe should conference regarding the process of converting from oil to hemp. Their conclusions should be put on a Project Manager (i.e. Microsoft) and implemented immediately.

3. Make land and financing available to family farms and ancillary businesses. Identify growers and empower them to develop family farms and supportive ancillary industries like seed pressers, packagers, transportation and retailers.

4. Finance small on site hemp oil and fuel processing plants at the farms. Provide financing for the development, equipment and distribution start-ups.

5. Create a seed bank and distribute seeds like the EPA distributes fertilizer. Use the best seed for the job. Free Marc Emery so he can help out.

6. Publish growing tips for farmers. On line classes with camera hook-up in groups can teach small farmers how to grow hemp. A master’s series of classes on How To Grow Hemp can create an abundant crop for processing into fuel and other helpful products and services.

7. Adequately computerize participants with equipment and skills to help them maximize their acreage output and market opportunities.

8. Use ice bergs in the ocean to hydrate land and supply clean drinking water. Oil tankers who transport toxic energy can be used to harvest and deliver to shore intact ice bergs. This process has an added benefit by helping maintain the Salinization level in the ocean, which impacts on weather patterns.

9. Encourage the widespread use of Flex Fuel Conversion Kits: Converting cars to bio-fuel. Many jobs can be created doing the conversions. The nation’s Biofuel Distribution System needs to go on a project manager too.

10. If necessary open up no less than 10% of government land to grow massive quantities of hemp for bio fuel, building materials and other environmentally empowering uses.

11. A recreational hemp tax of 20% could compensate the program to finance and provide technical assistance to family farms to create HEMP FOR VICTORY.

Like in the days of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, the family hemp farmer can grow hemp on almost any land.

“We now understand that cannabis fixes CO2. And, an acre of cannabis fixes five times as much CO2 as an acre of forest. It could be an enormous help in turning around our global warming situation.
The oil that’s produced from the cannabis plant, Henry Ford used in his first cars. And people are again driving up and down the coast using biodiesel gasoline. It’s an alternative to using dead dinosaurs as a way of getting around on the planet.”
DR. WILLIAM L. COURTNEY—courtney@mcn.org
in an interview by Norman de Vall on KZXY/Z
The Politics Behind the Local News—WWW.KZXY.ORG
published in THE NEW SETTLER, Issue 142, Summer 2007”


As the founder of and a conductor on the Computer Underground Railroad, a cyber division of the original. over the last decade I’ve been blessed to work with the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing. The museum’s founder and curator, Richard M. Davis is the author of HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION which is a topic guided museum tour. His inspirational book shows with museum exhibits how using hemp to fix our environment can help us fix our economy too.

While researching another book in the Hemp for Victory series, hemp and economics, he shared with me THE WEB OF DEBT, which without mentioning the word hemp, explains why hemp is illegal.

How could corporations sell us toxic medicine, building materials, foods, energy etc. if a safe, low cost non-toxic alternative is available from hemp?
How could the banks keep charging usury interest rates if the people could just grow hemp and exchange it for government issued money instead of bank issued loans?
How could the Prison, Inc. industry grow, designed to terrorize, de-humanize and control by throwing people into prison for something as simple as interacting with nature?


From the failing toxic petrodollars to “click your heels three times Dorothy,” let’s restore the ability to create money to the federal government and let hemp put the green back in greenback. We are limited only by our imaginations in solving these problems, which are vast. First Draft Written by J. Nayer Hardin

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