Friday, March 27, 2009

President Obama - Let Our Hemp Go!!!!


"When the White House put out a call for town hall questions, it might not have been expecting this.

The more than 92,000 people who responded either have Cheech and Chong senses of humor or there is a deep concern in America — undetected by the media — about the decriminalization of marijuana, its possible use for medicinal purposes and its potential as a new source of tax revenue.

Given the opportunity to say what’s really on their minds without going through the filter of the mainstream media, people “buzzed up” a series of questions that seemed to suggest broad interest in legalizing marijuana and taxing it."

President Barack Obama is not president for what he thinks. He said he was going to change government. He said science would drive the process. Yet, we are still slaves to Medicine/Prison/Insurance, Inc. The horror. The necessary change is to restore the will of the people and end hemp prohibition.

We've made nature illegal and wonder why we have a problem with the environment.

We've made hemp medicine illegal and wonder why our health care system is strained.

We've made the peace pipe illegal and wonder why we have a problem with violence.

Time to rethink hemp Mr. President. Time to stop acting ignorant on the subject and come on by the USA Hemp Museum. Hemp heals.

The webeo below is on a movement in California that is based on using hemp to help solve the state's economic crisis. Even if the president wants to pretend not to know hemp can help fix the economy, there is wisdom in California.

February 25, 2009

CNN - LOU DOBBS: Pot tax "legalizing marijuana"

Common sense says that when the problem is a lack of tax revenue the solution is to increase tax revenue. Hemp legalization would do that quickly because hemp is a low cost easily renewable resource material that can make 50,000 products.

End Hemp Prohibition. Tax recreational hemp at 20%.

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