Friday, March 15, 2013

The Hemp Solution To Environmental Problems

It's time to change our way of living and do it now if we plan to survive here on earth. Less than 100 years after hemp was made illegal by fools before God who thought they had more power than the Creator, we have the Fukushima nuclear plant in our beloved Japan that is in a triple nuclear melt down, our main energy, food and medicine sources are toxic, the polar ice caps are melting, etc.  We've made nature illegal and wonder why we have problems with our environment!

What about the hemp solution to our environmental problems starting with FukushimaRichard Marvin Davis and his crew at the museum compiled and published the, linkable for much more research report called THE FUKUSHIMA HEMP PROJECT. Though the press is ignoring this simple way to solve our problems, We The People need to take our divine right to grow our way out of our problems.

  • Hemp can solve many of our problems now. Here's what we think needs to be done with Fukushima and Hemp. 
  • To contain the last greatest nuclear disaster, Chernobyl, that happened about a quarter century ago, they entombed the plant with concrete. Hempcrete, a concrete made from hemp and lime is stronger. 
  • There is plenty of evidence that lead helps stop radiation. Calculate how thick that layer should be and do that. 
  • Hemp plastic is 10 times stronger than steel. Encase the previously mentioned layers in strong, here's the big part since it's next to the ocean, waterproof, hemp plastic. 
  • Encase the big earth moving and building equipment as well as the robots in lead and hemp plastic to reduce the effect of the radiation. 
  • Plant the radiation eating mushrooms identified by the Albert Einstein Institute everywhere.
In addition to the environment, hemp has many applications to modern problems.  Some of the special reports include:

Part of Richard's life work is posted on his USA Hemp Museum site that's been up since the last century - He has published 3 books on the subject in his HEMP FOR VICTORY SERIES with many more in the works.  When you visit the museum site you will find linkable free ebook editions and links to hard copies that are for sale at amazon.


Please read and share the links in this post and let us know what you think and how we should proceed with this information.

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