Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fukushima Hemp Project Report & Article Links

The Fukushima Daiichi triple nuclear melt down is a potentially and unfortunately likely event unless we take dramatic steps now to secure it and other leaking nuclear power plants around the world, and there are many.

A special report has been compiled to explain how to use hemp, radiation eating mushrooms and other common sense solutions to this crisis.  We’ve pulled the best and most relevant articles from the web, combined it with additional insight, and present a solid solution, given sufficient time and resources, to prevent a nuclear holocaust as a result of ‘the peaceful atom’, or paraphrasing Albert Einstein, ‘one hell of a way to boil water.’ The word hell was never better used.

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
United Nations
Ron Wyden
Senator Oregon
Mari Yamaguchi
Associated Press
Brad Johnson
Brad Rich
Dial M For Mass Murder – pgs 12-13

McGraw Hill
Elaine Charkowski
Central Oregon Green Pages
The Great “Radical” Russ Bellville
Scott Norris
National Geographic News

Science Daily
Hank Green
Rick Simpson
Phoenix Tears
Mark Sircus, AC, OMD
Natural News

Hemp Traders
Hemp Fabrics pg 74-77

Paul Benheim
Hemp Plastic
Hemp Plastic – pgs 81-84
Bruce DePalma/David Crockett Williams
DePalma, Free Energy and the N-Machine
The Problem of Free Energy – Bruce DePalma’s N Machine pgs 85-87
Paul Stanford
Hempcrete – pgs 89- 104
Casper Leitch
Fukushima Friday Series – pgs 106- 119

06/01/2012 - Friday - J. Nayer Hardin, Fukushima/Hemp researcher pgs 114-117

06/08/2012 - Friday - Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear - Radioactive Waste Watchdog – pgs 118-119


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