Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hemp Hero Casper Leitch of Time 4 Hemp

Time 4 Hemp on American Freedom Radio

Time 4 Hemp
Host: Casper Leitch
Website: www.time4hemp.com
Guest Schedule: T4H GUEST CALENDAR
Program Archives
Call-in Number: (512) 879 - 3805
Time: Weeknights, 11:00 pm - Midnight CST

Casper Leitch got involved in the hemp movement in 1990 and launched the cable television series 'Time 4 Hemp' on January 5, 1991. It was the first television series in the history of broadcasting to focus strictly on the topic of cannabis, thus giving Casper the dubious honor of being known as 'The Father Of Marijuana Television'. He was a participant in the United States Government Funded 'UCLA Smoked Marijuana Study' headed by Dr. Donald Tashkin and is the first person in the world have television filmed footage of themselves smoking legal marijuana in a Government funded lab.

Over the years, 'Time 4 Hemp' has remained on the cutting edge of the Marijuana Movement by opening the Time4Hemp.com website in 1999 and being one of the first sites to offer free audio and video downloads. On July 4, 2007, the first segment of the 'Time 4 Hemp - TODAY PotCast' was released and six months later, the 'Time 4 Hemp - MUSIC PotCast' made its debut. Both now rank in the number one and number two spots when the word 'hemp' is typed into the iTunes search engine.

Past guests on the series include Dr. Tim Leary; Willie Nelson; Congressman Barney Frank; Keith Stroup (founder of NORML); David Boaz (Co-founder of the CATO Institute); Kevin Zeese (Co-founder of the Drug Policy Foundation); Ethan Nadelmann (Founder of the Drug Policy Alliance); Judge James Gray; Marc Emery (founder of Cannabis Culture Magazine); Ed Rosenthal (Co-founder of High Times Magazine); Steve Hager (editor of High Times Magazine); and Eddy Lepp (Hero of the Marijuana Movement) and Richard M. Davis (USA Hemp Museum).

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cambodia medical cannabis assoc. said...

Hardest workin' man in show business. He teaches the world about the miracle of cannabis daily.Time 4 HEMP radio is brilliant. The ethos is true ,so the disparate voices of our hemp movement ALL get a fair hearing. Super job Casper !