Sunday, August 3, 2008

H. R. 5843 - Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults'


Barney Frank & Ron Paul on H. R. 5843

In addition to H.R. 5842: Medical Marijuana Patient Protection Act, introduced in the House of Representatives by Representatives Barney Frank and Ron Paul, there is also the powerful "H. R. 5843: Act to Remove Federal Penalties for the Personal Use of Marijuana by Responsible Adults.

Thanks so much Barney Frank, Ron Paul and others working to remove restrictions from nature's hemp plant.

"Wisdom Erases Karma" said Carolyn Myss, author of ANATOMY OF THE SPIRIT. Hemp is a vast resource that we are not using wisely. We need the karma brillo that only hemp can provide to clean up our bodies, society and planet by restoring wisdom to government.

Please contact your elected and appointed officials and tell them to remove all restrictions from the hemp plant and empower it to help us solve our problems now.

1. Making the peace pipe legal will reduce violence.

2. Using 5,000 year old hemp medicine will reduce the need for health care by keeping folks healthier. Stress kills. Medical hemp reduces stress.

3. Hemp biofuel burns 4 times more efficiently than corn and is a clean energy source.

4. Hemp pellets can produce clean electricity.

5. As we encourage large scale growing of hemp on unused federal lands, the hemp plants will pull the excess CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow. Regardless of the source, the cause of global warming is excess CO2, therefore the solution is to remove the excess CO2, which hemp does.

6. In case the bees don't return, hemp foods can quickly fill the gap caused by failed bee pollinated crops. Hemp is a wind pollinated weed that grows quickly and can make flour, seed oil, salads, drinks, etc.

7. Industrial hemp uses with proper financing and promotion can create a small business international boom from this non toxic resource material for everything from underwear to rocket fuel.

8. One of the results of global warming is the large fires. Planting hemp in large burn areas aerates the soil up to six feet deep, restoring burnt land. Plants in burn areas can also help reduce mud slides and restore farm land.

9. A 20% recreational grade hemp tax (estimated lowered price of $100 per oz. or $120 with the tax, dramatically lower than current pricing) could provide a government windfall income as folks will always pay for quality above medical grade.

For more information on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum, a private museum with a virtual wing, Hemp activist Richard M. Davis, the museum's founder & curator is working to shatter hemp prohibition with the best weapon possible...the truth about hemp.

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