Thursday, April 24, 2008

Barack Obama on Hemp / Marijuana

This is the first of a series of posts on presidential candidates and their positions on hemp found on webeo (web video).

Here's a few pieces we found on Senator Barack Obama concerning hemp.

Senator Obama should visit the USA Hemp Museum, and learn from the Museum's curator Richard M. Davis how hemp is the real change required to save our nation and the world.

Richard's written one of those "Read this like your life depends on it, it does!" books called HEMP FOR VICTORY: A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION which explains how to use hemp to solve the problem of global warming.

Barack Obama On Medical Marijuana

Since learning is change, we are confident he will learn about hemp as medicine, the peace pipe as a solution to violence, hemp as an environmental champion that removes excess CO2 from the air and aerates soil up to six feet deep as it draws toxins as strong as nuclear waste (check Chernobyl and hemp). At least Senator Obama has an open mind on the subject and is committed to solving problems.

Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama on Medical Marijuana--Aug. 21, 2007

Barack Obama "I inhaled frequently" "That was the point"

Sen. Barack Obama on drug policy--Sept. 29, 2007

Romney and Obama on Medical Marijuana

Unconditional hemp legalization would create more positive change than any campaign promise made so far in any area.


davinita said...

Oh my word do I agree with what you are doing on your site.

I can not believe that Mitt Romney could just stop talking to a guy in a wheelchair like that with absolutely no compassion.

Obama thought for a minute and answered truthfully and I feel honestly. At least Mitt Romney could have said something to the guy like well, I will think about it.

Chris Matthews using the snide remark about "industrial hemp" like its some crazy idea really needs to do his research. I did not know all the benefits of the hemp plant and its uses for fuel or medicine or paper either until I researched it.

I will continue to post on your site and we should continue to post on each others sites and encourage everyone to post on everyone elses sites so that we can get this info out there.

I think the more we talk about it and the more popular we can get it the more likey it will come up online.

my site is still under construction but heres my link

hope to see you there.

Nayer said...

Bless your heart for your site .

Chris Matthews is still stuck in the 19 lucky Arabs story so I don't expect any truth from anyone in the mainstream media until they deal with the biggest story of the century, 9/11 was an inside job.

In the meantime, it's up to us to get the truth front and center. It's the only way to cut through the BS.

Together, we are changing the world.

I look forward to your future posts too.

Happy hemp.

mark candaras said...

looks like the public has spoken. on obama's, cannabis legalization was the top citizen demand.

Cannabis legalization top demand on