Tuesday, October 18, 2011


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TheHolyWaltar said...

Wow. Ancient definition of the word idiot. Comes from Greek for one known only to the self. Did I really hear one of the intelligentsia equate Adam Smith's use of the phrase "race of laborers with racism? 200 years ago the term was synonymous with group. As a proud member of the race of laborers, may I ask, is he stupid, or is he assuming that I am in his elitist way? Guys that can't sharpen their own pencil and are clueless as to how one is made once again want to control the world. Nonetheless, it is the best articulated mis-interpretation of the facts I have seen yet. Do you care that most of the evil "Wall Street" you rail against are now working in the Obama administration? If you know that 10 calories of oil energy are in every calorie of corn, why are you for ethanol fuel? For that matter, if you believe that computers should take over human maintenance, how does that change what it takes to make these machines? (Mining copper,lead,etc. and the environmental destruction it takes to make that happen) Your Utopia is still based on the very things you hate about capitalism. You have failed to change the fundamental equation, you have just chosen to acknowledge facts you find pertinent to your cause and ignored others that don't fit your model. Academics instinctively know they already exist on the backs of others. (If you can't do-teach after all) No wonder it seems reasonable to them to live in a computer controlled world. I define religion as any belief system that filters the facts to fit that belief. You're just another tedious religion.