Friday, September 10, 2010


Nowhere in Prop. 19 is the word legalization mentioned, not in the Purpose Section, not in the Intent Section, not at all.  Look at the title of Prop 19:  The Regulation, Control and Taxation of Cannabis Act of 2010.
Regulation, Control and Taxation are the opposite of legalization. 

We have hope for true legalization, where each citizen over 18 years of age can grow, use, sell, give away, etc., without ANY form of taxation or regulation or control.  We refer to this model as the Tomato Model –no garden police, no tax, no invasion of our privacy rights.

The NO ON PROP. 19 group are united by the belief that the right to cultivate Cannabis, marijuana, or hemp is an inalienable right.  We are a private group with practical goals.  The first goal is to attempt to defeat Prop. 19 in California in November.  After November we will be working on law that reflects our inalienable right to the plant – the tomato model.

If you agree that Prop. 19 is a bad law, or want to learn more, please join us.  Most Californians favor legalization, not regulation, control and taxation.  We believe in asking for unconditional surrender in the fight to free the Cannabis plant for all, and maintain the ideal of equal rights in law.

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Richard M. Davis is the founder and curator of the USA Hemp Museum

Davis' is a hemp hero who has been involved with ending hemp prohibition since the 1960's as a consumer, scientist, historian and activist.  Davis is the author of three HEMP FOR VICTORY books A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, THE WONDER HERB and THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP.

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