Monday, May 17, 2010

Tell the President's Men - Use Hemp To Help Heal Deepwater Oil Spill

That hemp can help clean up the oil spill and shift us from toxic energy is a no-brainer. The President has called for ideas, yet pretends not to know how hemp can help us solve our problems. Below are a few ideas for how hemp can help with the oil spill followed by more information on the people who the President is calling on for solutions. 

1.  Use hemp fabrics and fiber fluff to absorb surface oil and reign in slicks.

2.  Use hemp plastic, 10 times stronger than steel according to Henry Ford, to plug up the holes.  Hempcrete can be used to entomb the damaged pipe. A great work on plastics that is out of print but there is a copy at the USA Hemp Museum is from the series "Speaking of Plastics" THE STORY OF CELLULOSICS.

3. Shift to hemp biofuel and biomass, solar, algae, hydro, magnetic and other clean, safe and in some cases free energies.  Nature supplies us with all the energy we need in non toxic forms.  A touch of common sense can create a positive energy policy where oil spills and mining accidents are reduced based on lack of demand for toxic energy.

4. Use hemp foods to fill the upcoming hole in the food supply caused by a dramatic reduction in seafood production. Delicious, nutritious and easily renewable.

5.  Empower family farmers to grow hemp on unused federal land.  Hemp is an easily renewable, quickly growing crop with over 50,000 industrial, recreational, religious and medical uses.

6.  Use hemp's economic empowerment muscle to repair damage done to the economy by the oil spill and other contributing factors.

7.  Build a "Mastermind Alliance" of folks who know how to use hemp to help us solve our problems.

Share these ideas and others with the President's team of great minds charged with resolving this crisis.

The USA Hemp Museum has a mini museum for $250 that contains many samples of hemp products like those mentioned here, books and other hemp samples for educational presentations.  Richard M. Davis, the museum's founder and curator, sent President Obama a free mini museum last year, along with the three books in his HEMP FOR VICTORY series A GLOBAL WARMING SOLUTION, THE WONDER HERB and THE TRILLION DOLLAR CROP.  So far, no word back.

Here's the key non BP players

Energy Secretary Steven Chu, a Nobel prize-winning physicist, 

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar 

Another article on oil spill members:

Jonathan I. Katz, physics professor at Washington University

Richard L. Garwin is also a physicist and consults the U.S. government on military technologies

George A. Cooper, former professor of civil engineering at Berkeley. Cooper

Alexander Slocum, a mechanical engineering professor at MIT

Tom Hunter, former director of the DOE's Sandia Laboratory.

Click here to post your thoughts on healing the oil spill. 

For more on hemp please visit the USA Hemp Museum.


Z.A._ said...

Yea. Unfortunately like myself you're preaching to the choir. Theres only a very small percentage of people who "get it" and then theres everybody else lol. They fall into the category of "completely over their head" and "mainstream, 'Oh I get it' um no you don't". Now go watch Dodgeball with the Stars lol.

Nayer said...

Z.A. You're right about preaching to the choir too, but here's the wild card. Keep saying it anyway. Given the dynamics of this oil gusher, we can't afford the luxury of silence.

Keep on hempin.'