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Bio Urn - How To Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die - Customized

How To Rest In After Life In Style?

Buy A BioUrn,
plant with created remains,
hydrate and re-grow as a tree.  
A biodegradable BioUrn is
a non toxic way to keep giving,
even after passing to beyond life

eliminating the need
for embalming materials
that leak into the soil.


 Custom Made BioUrn for Time4Hemp's Casper Leitch

Traditional BioUrn

BioUrn is an affordable, environmentally conscious alternative to honor human and/or pet ashes while leaving a living memorial for beyond life.

This biodegradable urn holds soil, ashes and nutrients for growing plants, yes, even hemp plants...a great way for family and friends to 'roll me up and smoke me when I die', as Willie Nelson sings. Family and friends can consume and pass on the seeds from the plants for generations.

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The BioUrn is hand made from biodegradable materials. The soil included with the BioUrn contains nutrients to enhance germination and feed roots.

A custom BioUrn requires 2 yards of 100% cotton fabric in any novelty print you choose and send to us to use to make your urn with. Sometimes a T-shirt, or a blanket or a dress will have a lot of meaning to someone, and that item can be used as part of your urn.

Fabrics can include: blankets, clothing, sporting ribbons, and uniforms. No metallic or fleece fabric. 

Below is another custom made BioUrn.

A great source for hemp fabrics is at Hemp Traders.
Crop King Seeds has a great selection of cannabis seeds.

The plant (as well as some of those growing around it) serves as a living reminder of you to your friends and loved ones who, come harvest time, can roll you up and smoke you.

Included in your BioUrn kit are the following:

  • Your BioUrn, size appropriate regular or custom

  • Cotton draw string bag to hold your loved one's ashes

  • Proprietary planting mixture

  • Seed bead™ of your chosen tree seed (or you can use your own)

  • A stainless steel garden marker

  • Planting and care instructions

All the above listed items are included and shipped directly to you* as part of your BioUrn kit.

* Biourn is currently only available to be shipped to the 48 USA mainland states.

All cremated remains are held in a cotton, drawstring bag that comes with the BioUrn. The cotton cremains bag is placed into the BioUrn, followed by soil and your seed of choice. The BioUrn is then buried in the soil with the rest of your plants and within days the beginning of new life will spring up from your ashes.

Each BioUrn kit also comes with a "seedbead" certificate which allows a loved one to visit us on line and choose their own tree from the wide variety offered in our tree gallery.

BioUrn Q and A

What is BioUrn?

BioUrn® is a biodegradable cremation urn that holds cremation ashes, along with soil and a seed. Once prepared and planted, BioUrn grows a memorial tree. BioUrn4Pets offers a "circle of life" lesson, while creating a memorial tree to pay tribute to a beloved family member, who has crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" and is so simple to prepare, the whole family can participate.

Why BioUrn?

Many people have a growing "collection" of urns on the mantle, and are looking for an alternative burial option that is respectful and celebrates the bond with their loved ones. BioUrn meets this need, appealing to a growing generation of Eco-conscious, consumers, who are always looking for products that are earth-friendly and "green". BioUrn is “a green solution to a very old problem".

What comes in a BioUrn kit?

BioUrn is a handmade, biodegradable cremation urn that holds ashes along with soil and a tree seed which, when planted, grows a memorial tree. BioUrn is offered for retail sale in 2 sizes, packed in our gable handled boxes. Each BioUrn kit comes complete with everything needed:

The handmade BioUrn, a cotton drawstring bag for the ashes, special nutrient enriched planting soil, a "seedbead", a stainless steel marker and step by step planting instructions. Each BioUrn kit comes standard with 3 different tree seeds, covered in a nutrient based clay material, which we call a "seedbead®" The seedbeads that we enclose in the kit are:

1.     Evergreen (like Blue Spruce)

2.     Flowering tree: (like Crape Myrtle)

3.     Flowering shrub (like: Azalea/Butterfly Bush/Hydrangea)

Also available for purchase on their sites are connections to other seed companies like Crop King Seeds for those who want a “roll me up and smoke me when I die” experience by resting in weed.

Mission: The mission of My Eternal Family Tree is to offer our customers an affordable green burial option, that celebrates a life well lived while creating new life to keep our planet green.

Vision: To be the trusted choice in green burial options for Eco-conscious consumers. BioUrn is also available for your pets.

Click the graphic below to order a BioUrn for your pet

Buy A BioUrn Today
For Yourself, Family and Friends

The future will be grateful that you did!


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